Everett Has More Bikini Coffee Stands (12) Than Starbucks Stores (10)

February 21, 2013

Everett, Police Blotter

Grab N Go

This stand attracted a lot of attention on Evergreen Way but has since closed.

Editor’s Note; Everett Police have updated the information in this story. One of the baristas arrested was just 16 years old. Here’s something to discuss over your morning cup of coffee…After yesterday’s arrests of 3 baristas for violating Everett’s adult entertainment ordinance, I decided to see just how many bikini coffee stands there were in the immediate Everett area. From the north Everett city limits south to 128th street there are 12 different bikini coffee stands. In that same space there are 10 Starbucks Coffee locations. (not counting the kiosks inside 4 Safeway stores).


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5 Responses to “Everett Has More Bikini Coffee Stands (12) Than Starbucks Stores (10)”

  1. Ted Says:

    I kind of think it’s unfair to arrest the barista. I think the coffee shop should be held accountable for hiring minors, unless the girl had a fake ID.

    I know it’s not the same thing, but it reminds me of a story a few years ago about a 9 year old child who was charged with prostitution. What was ridiculous about that case was that the child was obviously abused and forced into that situation. Why did the police arrest the child instead of finding her help or arresting the parents?

    That’s a bit of an extreme example, since a teenager has more of a choice and she wasn’t prostituting herself, but the outcome was still the same. It always the wrong people who are punished and that’s why we continue to have these problems. These coffee shops are just going to continue hiring underaged workers. I don’t see much of a difference between a 16 year old and an 18 year old, so they might as well just hire an adult.

  2. keepclam Says:

    There are also Starbucks kiosks inside the Broadway and Claremont QFC stores.

  3. agree/diagree Says:

    There is a niche I agree and yes I agree if they are wearing a bikini and actually serving coffee then leave them be. But as many reports have said many times they never make a drink and are accepting money for “putting on a show”. There is a fine line here if you want to sell coffee in a bkini go for it but don’t sell your body wearing nothing but pasties and boy shorts.

  4. TremblingEagle Says:

    Leave these people alone. They are filling a niche in the market that there is a demand for. There are far better things to spend policing dollars on than someone showing their mammary glands and making coffee.