Everett Police Now Offer Crime Mapping Right to Your Next Door Neighbor’s House


Everett Police say you can now look up crimes in any specific neighborhood

Got a press release this morning from Everett Police about a new crime mapping feature that lets you look up crimes in Everett by neighborhood. It allows you to select an exact address or an area around it to see what types of crimes have been committed. I tried it out. Did you know there were over 62 police calls to the address of the south Everett Wal-Mart since the start of the year? How about 19 separate calls in just the 3400 block of Lombard since January 1st? Click here to visit the crime mapping site.

Here’s the press release from Aaron Snell at Everett Police…

SNOPAC Regional Dispatch Center and Member Police Agencies Share Crime Data with the Community
Everett, WA: Numerous police agencies in Snohomish County recently went live with CrimeMapping.com.  The police agencies participating are all members of the SNOPAC regional emergency 9-1-1 center and include the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, Arlington Police, Darrington Police, Everett Police, Gold Bar Police, Granite Falls Police, Index Police, Lake Stevens Police, Marysville Police, Monroe Police, Snohomish Police, Stanwood Police, and Sultan Police. Stillaguamish Police will soon join the program.  Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Steve Dittoe states, “Our use of CrimeMapping.com is a cooperative effort to help reduce crime, proactively share information and strengthen community oriented policing efforts.”
CrimeMapping.com is a website that allows residents to analyze interactive maps of recent crime activity near any address.  Now the community can stay informed about crime in their area by selecting crime types and date ranges to generate their own reports.  Everett Police Captain Greg Lineberry says, “We want citizens to be an involved partner in our efforts to reduce crime.  Awareness of what occurs in the community and keeping everyone informed of crimes and crime trends is a proven and effective crime fighting strategy.  SNOPAC police agencies are using this community-oriented policing initiative to improve communications and understanding between citizens and their law enforcement agencies.”
Information within CrimeMapping.com is always current to the previous day as data is securely uploaded to the system every 24 hours.  The incident information is thoroughly tested and represents some of the highest levels of accuracy available to any public crime mapping site.  SNOPAC Executive Director Kurt Mills states, “The SNOPAC E911 center serves a population of approximately 550,000 citizens within Snohomish County, and those residents are now empowered with valuable and timely information.”  He added, “We are pleased to work with our user agencies to offer this information to the community.  By joining together we have achieved the most cost effective solution we could obtain.”
CrimeMapping.com helps promote transparency and trust by sharing information and expanding the channels of communication.  The software has numerous features, but one of most popular is Crime Alerts where residents register online to receive free updates via e-mail whenever new crime activity occurs in their area.  Users choose the distance as well as crimes they wish to stay informed about.  A single user can register multiple times in order to learn about activity occurring near their residence, place of business or even their child’s school.
CrimeMapping.com includes the incident number for every displayed event, so citizens can follow up with their respective law enforcement agency.  It is also now available through a mobile phone application.
Some of CrimeMapping.com benefits include:
• Analyze crime activity within a radius of any specific location such as residence, business or school.
• Display the distance from any reported crime to any address of interest.
• Generate simple interactive reports that allow for instant sorting with hyperlinks back to CrimeMapping.com.
• View recent records as data is uploaded every 24-hours.
• Quickly view crime activity from other local law enforcement agencies.
• Filter by crime types and dates reported to focus on specific patterns.
• Plot only incidents from a specific law enforcement agency.
• Receive free Crime Alerts via e-mail.
• Pan between areas and jurisdictions. 
Website Instructions:
  • Go to www.crimemapping.com
  • Select Washington State
  • Select your local police agency or Snohomish County Sheriff
  • “Zoom” or “Click then Drag” to display the desired section of the city
  • Click on “Crime Types” and select/deselect crimes of interest
  • Click on “Dates” to modify dates reported (default is one week)
  • Click on “Address” to center and set a radius for a specific address (format as 3002 Wetmore, Everett, WA)
  • Click on any icon on the map to get more detailed information about the reported incident (agency incident number, date and description of the call)
  • Click on “Receive Crime Alerts” and fill in the next page to receive crime alerts around a specified address
  • Click on “Help” at top of page for more detailed instructions



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  1. Cait Says:

    The new crime mapping page does most definitely not work, and I have tried on my phone and computer. I asked for Washington State it brought me to British Columbia, and also when I try clicking the blue police pins in the nap. Nothing happens