Major Art Installation by Susan Zoccola Underway on Hoyt Avenue in Downtown Everett

We first told you about the selection of Susan Zoccola to create illuminated sculptures on Hoyt avenue back in June of 2011. Today Zoccola was in downtown Everett overseeing the installation of her work. I had a chance to catch up with her as crews were finishing the last major install in front of the Schack Art Center. “It’s not named yet,” said Zoccola. “It’s still a work in progress.” The artwork is installed on 11 light poles stretching from Wall Street to Everett Avenue on both sides of Hoyt Avenue. Zoccola said the poles resemble a Lily of the Valley and make the arts district more festive. Glowing Gobo projections will be seen on the sidewalk under each piece. The projections can change over time depending on the seasons or even the artist’s whim. “I’m really happy to participate in growing the arts district here,” said Zoccola. “I feel so supported as an artist by the people in Everett.” Zoccola, who has done sculptures for several Puget Sound cities and public agencies, bested three other artists who submitted proposals for the project. The artwork is funded by the City of Everett’s 1% for the Arts municipal budget.

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One Response to “Major Art Installation by Susan Zoccola Underway on Hoyt Avenue in Downtown Everett”

  1. Victoria Mason Says:

    Hmmm, not too sure how I feel about these installations yet. I manage an apartment building and a few of my tenants have complained that the light from the “lilies” is directed right at their windows and is too bright (unlike the “regular” streetlights that shine down onto the street). Also, I did not know that having the Schack Art Center on half a block on Hoyt made the whole street an “art district.” I am curious to see the second half of this installation which will project designs onto the sidewalk, as it appears as though the spherical shades block the projector mechanism.