Everett Police School Resource Officers Promise “Not To Retreat, To Take Fight To The Bad Guy”

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Everett Police School Resource Officers Issue Message to Educators

Received this letter today from the Everett Police School Resource Officers who sent it to Everett’s Educational Community…

A letter to the educational community from the Everett Police Department’s School Resource Officers

We are heartbroken about the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut last week. There really are no words that can express the sorrow we feel for the families, friends and first responders impacted by this senseless violence.

Many, especially those with children, are on edge and wonder if this could ever happen here. The unfortunate truth is – it can happen anywhere. The chance of a mass casualty incident in a school drops dramatically with the presence of a police officer on campus. This is one reason the Everett Police Department, in partnership with the Everett School District, has continued to provide for police officers in the schools. Unfortunately, with budgets becoming tighter, many departments throughout the country are no longer funding police officers in schools. Everett PD remains committed to the safety and security of our schools by providing highly trained, highly capable School Resource Officers.

It is a great honor and privilege to be entrusted with the safety of our most valuable and precious asset – our children. We take this responsibility very seriously. We wear many hats in our daily service in the schools, but our primary goal remains the safety of the students. We cannot promise to prevent all acts of violence. But, if the unimaginable does happen – We promise not to retreat, to take the fight to the bad guy and do everything within our power to stop anyone from hurting our children.


School Resource Officers
Everett Police Department


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3 Responses to “Everett Police School Resource Officers Promise “Not To Retreat, To Take Fight To The Bad Guy””

  1. Mother of a student Says:

    Thank you. Thank you to the officers in the schools, and thank you to the community for understanding the need for placing them there. I am grateful I live in a communtiy with such foresight.

  2. Derbil McDillet Says:

    The letter should have simply left out “We promise not to retreat…”. Police officers swore an oath to pursue and apprehend violent criminal offenders. It’s their sworn duty “not to retreat” and that’s what the community expects of them. Instead, how about a simple reaffirmation that “We promise to immediately take the fight to the bad guy…”

    • 5-0 Says:

      Or, you could just except the letter in the spirit it was intended, and not look for reasons to critisize…. No pleasing some folks