Gordon Ramsay Transforms Prohibition Grille into an Everett Gastropub

December 8, 2012

Downtown Everett, Everett

Prohibition Gastropub

The restaurant hopes to be open early next week

Kitchen Nightmares has come and gone from Prohibition Grille in downtown Everett and in its wake is a new Gastropub that features such foods as bacon wrapped meatloaf, short rib stroganoff and king salmon. The new Prohibition Gastropub has a simple one sheet menu, a limited number of entrees and appetizers and no more belly dancing. Apparently it’s also in need of a permanent chef as the Seattle eater.com blog says the chef tapped by Gordon Ramsay is just there on a temporary basis.
There are a couple of reviews out about the makeover including this from thesunbreak.com and this from dineineverett.com. One of the top food blogs in Seattle, Cornichon.org, also teased about their experience. You may have to wait a bit to experience the Prohibition Gastropub though as a call today for reservations was answered by a fellow who said they wouldn’t be open this weekend and maybe not until Monday or Tuesday. It is interesting that as of this writing the restaurant still sports a big Prohibition Grille banner on the side of the building and that the website still promoted belly dancing and jazz. The episode of Kitchen Nightmares is expected to air sometime in late February. For now Ramsay and crew are off to their next restaurant rescue in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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13 Responses to “Gordon Ramsay Transforms Prohibition Grille into an Everett Gastropub”

  1. johnroyal Says:

    The comments left are very suspicious. All the negative comments were made in the time span of one month.. on two different days.

    I would ignore all the negative comments here, but at the same time, there is a LACK of positive reviews, so I doubt the place is any place to go out of your way to go to.

  2. SLK Says:

    IT’sucked even after cheif Ramsy left!!

  3. Mike Says:

    The old Prohibition Grille was fantastic. It had a very lively menu to choose from. The Ribeye was fantastic. This was one of our favorite places to eat in Everett. We returned for dinner a month or so ago after the changover to the Gastro Pub. We were not aware of this change until we sat down and were given a menu. We were about ready to leave when the owner came by to talk to us and convinced us to give them a try. Plus we had a gift certificate that we needed to use.

    Having decided to stay we began to looks at the very limited menu and nothing really sounded that great. Since we needed to use the gift certificate we just picked a couple of items.

    My Wife ordered a glass of Wine which, like the other person posted, was barely half full. That is fine but it give the impression that you are being cheated. They ought to switch to a smaller glass to avoid this perception.

    I ordered a beer which, when brought to the table, was spilled a bit onto the table. The server mad no effort to clean up the small spill off of the table for from the sides of the glass.

    I ordered the Stroganoff. It wasn’t bad but it was not good either. Just kind of blah. My Wife ordered the special which was Rissoto and Scallops. One bite of the scallops found the cores to be cold. My Wife notified the server who took her plate back to the kitchen. Another plate was brought out. This time the scallops were cooked but were now very rubbery. The Rissoto was also very watery. My Wife told the server that she could not eath the meal so they took it back and did not charge us for it.

    Having talked with the owner before ordering she explained the reason for the change was that their small kitchen was not equipped to handle the large dinner crowds that they were getting. I understand this and agree a change must be made. I guess what I don’t understand is why they would just reduce number of menu items on the existing menu brought those dinner crowds in.

    All in all we were very disapointed with the new Gastro Pub. They took a perfectly good place, with a very unique menu, and ruined it. We will not be returning unless the menu changes again to something resembling the old one.

  4. Patrick Says:

    http://www.prohibitiongrille.com/ 2010 Winner of the Crown in Town Award? How is this if they are so bad they got on TV for having a bad Restaurant? Best Restaurant Bar and Grill Award for the whole City of Everett? There is like 400 Restaurants in Everett and this is the best in 2010? I find that hard to believe..

  5. S.N. Says:

    Tried the PROHIBITION a couple of weeks after Ramsey left. My friend and I plus the people next to us were lets say unimpressed. I had the meat loaf and french onion soup. Meat Loaf was fine but I like lot of flavor (was bland that night although the portion was good. FOS was brothey, little cheese and little bread and flavor was missing. Didn’t taste like the old Kegs FOS at all. People next to me had the burger and I could see they were disappointed, so a asked, and yes they didn’t eat it. Dry and as basic as it comes. Hopefully it was a bad night (Friday). Service was good. There was a large group next to us that looked like they had ordered off the old menu. I asked and they didn’t want Ramsey’s menu. I would have like to have joined them, really. I hate to be hard on them, wish them the best, but I have to say it as I saw it, at that time.

    I will try them again, maybe they have some kinks to work out

    • Ron Says:

      I could not agree more with S.N. My wife and I went to Prohibition Gastro Pub (really Gordon? Gastro Pub?) in February with a group of friends. I had the French onion soup and my wife the meatloaf. S.N.’s descriptions of those items were spot on. Neither the FOS nor the meatloaf had much flavor. The bacon wrapping the meatloaf tasted like bacon, but the meatloaf itself may as well have been wet cardboard. The FOS was watery and about the only flavor was salt. No one in our group thought their meal was anything special.

      My understanding is that the chef who worked there when Gordon visited was no longer there. If that’s the case I think there was a lack of knowledge transfer. Regardless, the owner should know what the dishes tasted like when Gordon prepared them, unless the people at the other restaurant who got the meatloaf for their menu were lying when they said it was delicious and flavorful.

      At this point no one in our group will make the PGB a destination.

  6. g.f. Says:

    Horrible from start to finish. Neighborhood charm was the appeal for us. After hearing about Chef Ramsey changing things up we were interested to see the changes. I don’t eat seafood, duck or ribs. So there was only a chicken pot pie or a meatloaf available to eat. I wouldn’t order either at a restaurant. I resolved to have a desert and coffee. My coffee came. And sat. After several tries my husband was able to flag our waiter (who walked by several times) to ask for cream and sugar for me. My coffee was cold by the time I was able to add them. I ordered a Mouse, which when came was a heavy pudding. It was supposed to have a walnut brittle, there were a few sprinkled candied nut pieces on top. The shortbread was a stale, cheap store bought straw cookie. My husband ordered a “Glass” of wine. We have ordered enough wine to know a glass doesn’t always mean a full glass. But this one wasn’t even half full. When we asked if this was there full glass of wine he said yes. When pointed out it wasn’t even half full his response was, “ I didn’t pour it.” Then he walked away. All charm was taken away from the décor. The menu was left undiversified and misrepresented from what we ordered. We will never go back.

  7. Zeppelin Bob Says:

    Everett is gonna be on BBC America, and it has nothing to do with serialmurders? What’s the world coming to?


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