Kitchen Nightmares Begins Filming in Downtown Everett

Royal Restroom

Even the Port-A-Potties have gone Hollywood

The crew of the Fox Television Show Kitchen Nightmares has set up shop at the corner of Hewitt and Rucker in downtown Everett. They’re in town for the week filming at the Prohibition Grille. If you’ve applied for a reservation for the filming and haven’t heard back yet they are still in the process of confirming people and you may still have a shot. If you are selected they will let you know but they will not be able to get back to all of the people who didn’t get chosen. The host of the show, Gordon Ramsay is expected in town tomorrow and we’ve put in an interview request. It likely won’t be granted but it never hurts to ask. One thing I noticed while stopping by the production crew set up is that even the port-a-potties for the Hollywood folks are upscale promising a regal portable restroom experience (see photo). Anyway we’ll keep our eye on the filming. It should be a nice little boost to the downtown Everett economy for the week.

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