Everett Firefighters Deliver Donations to Good Samaritan

November 13, 2012

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Ray and Keller

Everett Fire Department Battalion Chief Matt Keller thanks Peggy Ray for being a good samaritan

Rays and Everett Firefighters

Peggy Ray and her husband Nathan with members of the Everett Firefighters Association

Members of the Everett Firefighters Association stopped by the Starbucks at the QFC on Evergreen Way this afternoon to say thanks to Peggy Ray. Ray, who works at the Starbucks, was one of a number of good samaritans who stopped by an accident scene on I-5 Saturday afternoon after an elderly couple crashed their car on I-5 in north Everett. While helping the couple, Ray had $900 stolen from inside her car. She had just taken the money out of a cash machine to pay her rent and hadn’t secured it when the crash happened right in front of her. In addition to saying thanks, members of the Everett Firefighters Association delivered envelopes containing cash and checks for Ray. Everett battalion chief Matt Keller said the money has come from all over the area as people reached out to replace the money taken from Ray while she helped total strangers in need. Donations included $750.00 from the Everett Firefighters Union and the Everett Firefighters Association, $350.00 from the Lynnwood Police Officers Association and well over a dozen other donations ranging from a $5.00 bill to hundreds of dollars that people have dropped off at Everett Fire stations for delivery to Ray.

While this was a fairly public donation by Everett Firefighters, it’s not the only time Firefighters have given money to help people in need. According to Eric Hicks, thru their association, each Everett firefighter gets $50.00 a year to use as they see fit to help people they find in distress. Everett Firefighters have purchased groceries, blankets, coats and other items that have helped people in a time of need. It’s not a program they talk about much, it’s just another thing Everett Firefighters do.

Nathan Ray, who is Peggy’s husband, says his wife is an amazing person. He was out-of-town when all of this occurred and said he’s not surprised by her jumping in to help a stranger. “It’s just who she is,” said Nathan. The two were married this summer and have six kids between them. He said they were concerned about where they would come up with replacement rent money and the community’s response has been mind-blowing. Nathan Ray is a community emergency response team volunteer in Everett and Peggy Ray is a member of the Rotary Club of Everett Port Gardner.

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