Good Samaritan Has Hundreds Stolen While Rendering First Aid at Everett Car Accident

November 10, 2012

Everett, Police Blotter

If you have information about this theft call 360-654-1204

UPDATE: Everett Fire stations are acting as a drop off point for those wishing to donate to the good samaritanThe Washington State Patrol is asking for the public’s help in finding whomever took hundreds of dollars from a woman’s car while she gave first aid to an elderly man at an accident scene on I-5 Saturday afternoon. Trooper Keith Leary tells My Everett News that shortly after 1:00pm, a Toyota Camry was being driven northbound on I-5 near the Snohomish River Bridge when the driver, a 74-year-old man, suffered what likely was a medical problem. The car swerved across two lanes of traffic and slammed into a pickup truck. It then careened across the freeway and ended up in a drainage ditch. Several motorists stopped their cars to assist. Among the good samaritans was a nursing student who had just stopped at a cash machine. She had an envelope on her passenger car seat that contained several hundred dollars. After she jumped out of her car to render first aid to the elderly accident victim she returned to her car to find the envelope empty. Trooper Leary says the Washington State Patrol is hoping to get information from anyone who may have seen someone reaching into a car at the accident scene. A vehicle description or license plate number, description of the person or any other information would be greatly appreciated. You can call WSP at 360-654-1204. Leary says the person could also return the money to the Washington State Patrol district office on 116th street, west of I-5.

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6 Responses to “Good Samaritan Has Hundreds Stolen While Rendering First Aid at Everett Car Accident”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Assuming this woman’s story is true, my biggest problem is that so far she has received AND ACCEPTED over $5,000 in donations. She is out only $900 and while I have little issue with her accepting charity to make herself whole again, I have a BIG problem with her continuing to accept money after that point. She says she’ll be donating “some” of the money to charity, well, ALL of the money over the $900 she’s out should be going to charity and she should have long ago stopped accepting any more. I see her on TV saying her “heart hurts” that people have made negative comments doubting her story. Well, my heart hurts to see someone blatantly taking advantage of kind hearted souls hoping to help someone in need. Add that to the fact that she has yet to file a theft report for the funds and I have BIG problems with this woman.

    • Chuck Says:

      It’s none of your business why she still accepts donations. If people choose to help her that is their choice. NOT YOURS. Let it go and you will be a happier person. It makes people feel good to help other people. It doesn’t matter how much the victim receives. If you were more charitable, you wouldn’t even be commenting.

      What you should be writing about is how the community is rallying behind her. That’s the special message here.

  2. Angelina wood Says:

    Who takes the time to take the money OUT of the envelope it’s in? Not to mention why someone would take it out. I’ve read different articles about this and they’ve all said different things. She WAS a nursing student, she IS a nursing student, or that she’s saving to be a nursing student. The news and papers made it sound like she was a single mother living paycheck to paycheck raising 6 kids. Then last night a new broadcast says she’s married. I can’t believe she has been given thousands of dollars. I don’t believe her story and I really hope her financial situation is checked. I know people who could really use thousands in donations that are TRULY struggling.

  3. Ding Dong Says:

    Funny how only the money was taken…who carries $900 cash!!

    • Guest Says:

      Maybe she pulled the cash out to pay her rent? Not everyone writes checks. It really doesn’t matter why she was carrying cash around, the fact that someone was mean enough to steal from her while she was helping someone is horrible.


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