7 Year Old Boy Identified as Victim of Fatal Evergreen Way Crash – Update 6:30pm Oct. 31st

October 31, 2012

Police Blotter

Medical Examiner badge

The victim was a 7-year-old boy

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office today identified the victim in last night’s fatal crash on Evergreen Way as a 7-year-old boy from Everett. Due to the boy’s age and the ongoing police investigation, My Everett News did not name the victim. The Medical Examiner said the boy died from blunt force injuries to the head and classified the death as an accident.

Late Wednesday afternoon Everett Police provided the following update…

The Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s Office completed the examination of the juvenile passenger who died during a traffic collision on October 30, 2012 and confirmed his identity as Josiah A. Alves, 7 years-old, of Everett, WA. The cause of death is from blunt force injuries to the head.

The driver of the black BMW, a 30 year-old Everett man, has been released from the hospital and investigators say he is the legal guardian of Alves.

The driver of the minivan is a 75 year-old Marysville woman and her condition is currently unknown.

Physical evidence from the incident has been collected and is currently being processed. No charges have been made in this case and detectives continue to investigate the cause of the collision.

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10 Responses to “7 Year Old Boy Identified as Victim of Fatal Evergreen Way Crash – Update 6:30pm Oct. 31st”

  1. john Says:

    Dear anonymous,

    Reading your exchanges with Maria, I feel compelled to reply. I did witness the driving of the car that took that young man’s life. It was being driven well above safe speed conditions for the rain soaked roadway and the driver of the car WAS making frequent lane changes with no use of turn signals. Secondly, this horrific crash happened 1/2 block from where i live. I witnessed the driving as I was driving home. When traffic slowed significantly and at the intersection where i turn to go home was blocked by police cars i knew there had been a serious collision. You will notice i do not use the word “accident”. This was preventable 100%. you said something about a seizure? If the driver has a history of seizures or is epileptic, in the state of washington their driving PRIVELIGES are supposed to be medically revoked. in the cases of Epilepsy, permanently. While i feel for your family and am saddened by the loss of a life so young, i feel nothing bur outrage for the driver that caused this. I am a 44 year old father of 3 daughters. My youngest who just turned 11 has battled cancer twice in her short life and so far so good we still have her. I look upon life as a precious gift and it outrages me when one is lost by careless actions, especially when they are children, whom we as parents have an obligation and DUTY to protect and to keep as safe as we possibly can.

    The point…this tragedy was avoidable with the application of COMMON SENSE

  2. Nicholas McCallon Says:

    I was there and first on scene. I do not think the child was wearing a seat belt at all. the father in my opinion was drinking or on something. He was in a hurry for no apparent reason. I think the father needs to be charged!!!

    • Heather Says:

      Nicholas, I think it’s odd that you say Josiah wasn’t it a seat belt now. Your own words from your interview were, On closer examination, he realized a young boy was strapped into the front passenger seat by a seat belt. The door frame on the passenger side had collapsed on the child. He was draped over the center console, McCallon said. Or, did you not say that?
      As for his father being “drinking or on something”, I believe they did a tox screen. So maybe instead of everyone saying what they think happened, we should wait for hard facts. Regardless, the family is suffering and a child has lost his life, lets try and respect the family. It’s wonderful that you stopped to help, not necessary to throw opinions out there.
      Sincerely, Josiah’s mothers family.

  3. maria Says:

    Dear Anonymous,

    I will not answer to someone so cowardly they have to be “Anonymous”.

    Curious to why you are in denial that there are over 16 accounts of the driver of bmw that the victim was passenger in was driven in an idiotic, crazy, erratic way, darting in and out, excessive speed, no regard for anyone one else”s safety or life, clipping other cars before careening into an innocent driver of an oncoming mini-van, why are you defending the actions of a driver,whether drunk ,high or sober put so many at risk? If you bare close family ,please realize many are praying for Josiah and deeply saddened by the loss of his precious life, also realize that his life would not have been taken if not for the choices the driver in the bmw who he was a passenger to had taken, truly hope that person never drives again, at least out of respect for the life he cut short, peace.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Curios, Maria where you there? Did you see the driving or is this what you heard?

  5. maria Says:

    Prayers for Josiah…..so heartbreaking!

    How on earth could anyone call that a accident?

    Driving erratically like the father did is not an accident.

    A car is a weapon, he took a child’s life through deliberate actions of bad/dangerous driving, an accident is unintentional.

    Please, Everett Police, in all respect, could you explain in more detail why he isn’t being charged and why it’s considered an “accident”?

    • J Says:

      Excuse me Maria…do you know the full story? Do you have insight into this accident that we don’t know about? Please, “in all respect” keep your opinions to yourself and let this family grieve in peace…for Josiah’s sake.

      • maria Says:

        Excuse me “J”, the “full story”???

        The facts:

        A child is dead due to his “legal guardian’s” disregard for his life, did this legal guardian/father have some legitimate reason to drive erratically speeding,darting in and out of traffic?

        Did this person responsible for the death of an innocent child have a legitimate reason NOT to have his child in the back seat with a child restraint?

        Please do not blame others for the harm that one individual did.

        “For Josiah’s sake”? That is scary, Josiah would be alive if not for the actions of the driver mentioned. As long as people like that drive in such a manner they kill/maim others including their own children, I will be vocal about it being a deliberate act of potential vehicular homicide.
        We all have to share these roads, would you attack me if that driver had killed a child in another car that wasn’t his?

    • Anonymous Says:

      It is possible he had been having a seizure. Judge not, until you know the whole story. 🙂

  6. nichole Says:

    R.I.P little Josiah!!