Everett City Council Candidates Invited to Speak to My Everett News Audience

October 27, 2012

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Last Sunday I sent the following message to both candidates running for the open seat on the Everett City Council.

Greetings. My name is Leland Dart and I am the publisher and editor of MyEverettNews.com. A hyper-local news site about Everett, WA. I’d like to offer you the opportunity to submit a 300 word message to the readers of my site on why you should be elected to serve on the Everett City Council. I have also offered this opportunity to your opponent via email. Both responses would be published on Saturday November 27th. The submissions will not be edited but please limit yourself to no more than 300 words. If you’re interested please reply to me here at news@myeverettnews.com. Thank you.

This message was sent to both candidates at their public contact email address. My Everett News does not make political endorsements and tries to focus our election coverage only on matters directly concerning Everett. That is why this request was only sent to the two candidates for Everett City Council and not other offices. If you’re interested in candidates for other offices click here for a personalized local voters guide from the Snohomish County Auditor’s Office.

As a result of the equal outreach to both Everett City Council candidates, I only heard from June Robinson. After I posted her response on My Everett News at 6:00am this morning, I then received a response from Scott Bader today at 7:49AM. His response follows below June Robinson’s…


Thank you for your service to the Everett community through your news site, and thank you for the opportunity to explain to the readers of My Everett News why I should be elected to the City Council. My response is below.

June Robinson


I am running for Everett City Council, because I care deeply about the future of our city. I will be a fresh, independent voice for the citizens of Everett. And, I believe that I am the candidate who will best carry on the rich legacy of Drew Nielsen, whose seat is being filled through this election.

I have held a variety of leadership positions in organizations dedicated to making Everett a better place to live.

My professional career in the nonprofit sector has given me a range of skills and experiences that will serve me well on the City Council.

· I have worked with all levels of government to change policies that support some of the most basic needs of the people in our community.

· I understand management and budgeting and stretching resources to accomplish the goals of an organization.

· I know how to bring different parties to the same table to work on issues and get results.

In addition to my professional work, my husband and I have raised a family here in Everett. I understand the needs of real families.

Healthy families and strong neighborhoods are the foundation of a thriving city. I believe that government’s role is to develop the infrastructure and opportunities that people need to be able to thrive.

Our residents need access to good paying jobs that will support families. I will work to protect the jobs that we have and continue to diversify our economic and job base.

We need to feel safe in our homes and neighborhoods. Public safety is a fundamental responsibility of local government.

I support investments in roads, parks, public transportation and other projects that make our community a great place to own a business, work and raise a family.

Here is the response received this morning from Scott Bader…

I’m a 45 year resident of the city of Everett. My folks moved here with Boeing in 1967, and raised myself and my 4 sisters in South Everett. We graduated from Cascade High School.

I attended the University of Washington and got a law degree from the University of Puget Sound Law School. I practiced law and then went to work in Parish Development for the Catholic Church in Western Washington. My wife Jeanette and I are raising our 3 children in Riverside.

I’ve been very involved in civic activities throughout my adult life in Everett. I helped co-found the Cascade View neighborhood in S. Everett and ultimately served as chair of the neighborhood. For 20 years I served on the City of Everett Transportation Advisory Committee, and served as its chair for about the last 5 years of my time on the Committee. I’ve served on many civic organizations including the Shoreline Access Ad Hoc Committee, briefly on the Children’s Museum Board, as chair of the Committee to S.A.V.E. Everett Transit Proposition #1, and many other committees.

I’m running for Everett City Council because I’m afraid that, like some other cities, if we get the wrong folks on city council, we won’t prioritize our resources correctly and end up like other cities that have had lay off public safety workers, close libraries, delay infrastructure improvements, etc. I also know keeping and attracting more family wage jobs is crucial. That is why the 4 city unions – Firefighters, Police, Transit, and Municipal workers – have endorsed me, along with the Business Coalition, Longshore workers, 5 of 7 members of the city council, former Mayor Ed Hansen, former State Senator Larry Vognild, and many others. See complete list at www.ScottBaderforEverettCityCouncil.org

I’d be grateful for your support, because, like you, I’m Committed to Everett!

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