Everett Red Robin Tip-A-Cop Event a Success


Red Robin Tip-A-Cop

Athlete Kristie Clark and Everett Police Sgt. Jeraud Irving explain to diners at the Everett Red Robin how the Special Olympics Tip-A-Cop event works.

Usually the sight of someone handing an officer an envelope with money in it would be cause for concern but Saturday, at the Everett Red Robin, it was a cause for celebration. Officers from the Everett Police Department greeted guests, took orders, cleaned tables, filled water glasses and delivered food alongside the regular Red Robin crew during the annual Tip-A-Cop event for Special Olympics.

Angela Orr, General Manager for the Everett Red Robin told My Everett News she was thrilled with the turnout. “We had 4 – 5 officers this morning and they were awesome,” said Orr. “There are more than that tonight and they’ve been really interactive with our guests and staff.” The restaurant was especially busy with the local homecoming crowd coming in before the big dance in addition to those coming in to support the Tip-A-Cop event.

Kristie Clark was eating dinner and showing off her medals as a four-time World Games Athlete. She’s been competing in Special Olympics events all over the world since 1999 and has participated in gymnastics, speed skating, figure skating and bowling. 100 percent of the special tips collected by the officers at the Everett Mall Red Robin Saturday, (as well as at all Red Robin Restaurants all around our area), go directly to Special Olympics. The goal of the 2012 Red Robin “Tip-A-Cop” event is to raise more than $150,000 in Washington State.

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