Port of Everett Asks City to Keep Kimberly-Clark Property Industrial

September 13, 2012

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The Port of Everett wants this site to stay industrial

In the long-term the Port of Everett may purchase the former Kimberly-Clark property to expand its shipping and maritime industrial uses. For right now though the Port of Everett is asking the City of Everett to keep the current zoning on the property and not allow recreational, retail or other changes to the zoning code that would make it incompatible with heavy industry. Here’s a summary of a recent decision sent to MyEverettNews.com by the Port of Everett…

On Sept. 11, the Port Commission passed Resolution 972, endorsing the City of Everett’s staff alternative to keep the current marine industrial zoning (M-2) for the recently closed Kimberly-Clark Site (K-C) to restore industry and employment opportunities.

The K-C site is a 66-acre parcel located between two federally secured and significant facilities, including Naval Station Everett and the Port of Everett’s international shipping terminals. The site is a rare and unique asset for a community, as it is located on a federal navigation channel with direct deep-water access that includes five rail spurs and an abutting rail line, several truck access routes and excellent utilities.

The mill property, which is up for sale, is currently under a city-imposed moratorium through February 2013 as it undergoes extensive public outreach and market research to determine the site’s ultimate zoning. The City’s moratorium ordinance specifically directs that the reuse planning process consider the compatibility with Port of Everett and Naval Station Everett operations.

In response to this public process, the Port of Everett Commission offers the following:

“WHEREAS, the M-2 zoning designation allows for maritime industrial use that is critical for the on-going economic success of the community and to position local and regional businesses for high quality investment and job creation, thereby benefiting the Everett and regional workforce.

WHEREAS, supporting maritime uses at this unique deep water Site is consistent with federal, state, and local laws and policies that encourage maritime uses in such locations, such as the Container Ports Initiative (RCW Chapter 36.70A), Transportation Facilities of Statewide Significance (RCW Chapter Chapter 47.06.140), Puget Sound Regional Council’s Regional Economic Strategy 2012, etc.).”

The Port of Everett is currently doing its due-diligence to determine its interest in acquiring the property to support future growth of its shipping operations to meet its customer needs.

With regard to the planning process the public has until tomorrow afternoon to submit suggestions on how the property should be zoned. Here’s the notice about a major public meeting set for next Tuesday…

The City of Everett Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday, September 18, 2012 at 6:30 pm, in the Weyerhaeuser Room on the 4th floor of Everett Station, 3201 Smith Avenue. The Public Hearing is to develop or select the preferred alternative for the redevelopment of the approximately 92-acre Central Waterfront Planning Area, including the 65-acre Kimberly Clark property located at 2600 Federal Avenue and adjacent properties, on the downtown waterfront.
The draft plan addresses the four alternative land use and redevelopment concepts for reuse of the property; includes potential changes to codes, regulations, and plans; and also examines alternative shoreline public access alternatives. A proposed SEPA Addendum is also being prepared for the plan, and the land use and public access alternatives, and will be issued on August 23, 2012.

The draft Central Waterfront Plan, a matrix comparing the four land use alternatives, and six plan appendices are all available for viewing at the City of Everett Planning Department webpage:http://www.everettwa.org/default.aspx?ID=2048.

In the right-hand column on this webpage, under the heading “Related Links” is the list of the above documents. The SEPA Addendum will be available following its issuance on August 23rd.

Written comments on the draft Plan and proposed Addendum should be submitted no later than Friday, September 14, 2012.

Staff Contacts:   Mary Cunningham at (425) 257-7131 or mcunningham@ci.everett.wa.us    Jim Hanson (425) 257-7133 or by email jhanson@ci.everett.wa.us

The public is encouraged to attend and participate in the workshop.

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