91 Year Old Man Assaulted and Robbed at Everett Convenience Store

August 24, 2012

Police Blotter

A 91 year old man was attacked as he walked into this AM/PM near Silver Lake

A 91 year old man was assaulted and robbed at the AM/PM Mini Mart at 100th and 19th Ave. SE this afternoon. According to Everett Police Spokesman Aaron Snell just before 1:30 p.m. a 91 year old Everett man was walking to the cashier to pay for his gas when a 26 year old Everett man attacked him. The suspect struck the victim multiple times in the head, face and body before taking his money. The suspect then ran from the scene but was apprehended by Everett Police officers about a block away.

The victim was transported to Providence Medical Center – Colby Campus for treatment of facial injuries which are not expected to be life threatening at this time. The suspect will be booked into Snohomish County Jail for the assault and outstanding warrants.

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6 Responses to “91 Year Old Man Assaulted and Robbed at Everett Convenience Store”

  1. Jenn Says:

    He is 26 the article says..they should force him into drug counseling cause I’m sure he did it did drugs…

  2. sarah Says:

    Lock him away until he’s 91!

  3. john Says:

    This coward should go away for at least 20 years… lock him away from decent people!

    • Reality Says:

      I agree lock him up and throw away the key. Also- if he is a minor then the first thing that needs to be done is kick his parents off ALL publice assistance- no more food stamps, no welfare, etc… IF they can’t control their kids when they do nothing but sit around all day collecting gov money then cut them off. That will make them take notice of thier thug child.

      • old.frt Says:

        Reality should consider that cutting off the parents from public assistance and food stamps would turn all of them into predators–these people are not going to sit quietly and starve to death.


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