The Era of Washington State University in Everett Takes a Huge Step Today

August 20, 2012


The version of the new WSU logo

Washington State University began offering its first engineering classes in Everett today. Two dozen WSU engineering students are starting an official WSU program that will lead to a mechanical engineering degree. The Everett program includes a combination of Everett and Pullman-based faculty with courses originating both from Everett and the Pullman campus. Students will follow WSU’s semester system and pay WSU tuition rates. Several classes will be broadcast via video from Pullman, and students will be required to take some laboratory classes on the Pullman campus during the summers.

“The WSU Everett program is addressing two major concerns for the state by providing more affordable and accessible higher education options for students and more engineers who are critically needed for our economy,” said Bob Olsen, associate dean of undergraduate programs and student services for the WSU College of Engineering and Architecture. “This is another example of how WSU is meeting its land-grant mission to educate our state’s residents in a critical field.”

Washington State University is working toward starting a branch campus in Everett offering degrees in engineering and hospitality. On Thursday WSU President Elson S. Floyd met with Everett School administrators about WSU’s future in Everett. Yesterday Floyd wrote on his blog about his excitement for WSU in Everett. Here’s an excerpt…

“I must tell you the commitment Everett leaders have to providing their young citizens with all the tools and resources they can for preparing and bringing higher education to Snohomish County is outstanding. Their vision today will pay great dividends for future generations there. As many of you have probably heard me say before, I am a firm believer that the best way for our country to get through this tough economic time is to invest in higher education — it represents our best hope for the future. We are very excited to partner with Everett in this exciting new mission of WSU in Everett.

As Superintendent of Everett Public Schools Gary Cohn said Thursday, it is a unique collaboration between a school district, a community college and a university going on in Everett. And the real winners here are the young people in Snohomish County — and the general welfare of the citizenry as a consequence.

I discussed some of the plans that are beginning to take shape as our market analysis of the area is conducted and we gather a better sense of the educational needs and align that with our programs. We plan to do everything in our power to help Everett continue to be an attractive area for Boeing to call home by investing in an expanded engineering program there. Our engineering program has been very successful in Pullman. We also have one of the finest business hospitality programs in the country, and I have engaged in many conversations with the Tulalip Tribe about our plans for expanding the program to Everett — which will no doubt produce an excellent pool of young leaders in the field for their robust resort and casino, as well as the expanding hospitality industry in the area.

These discussions will continue for some time and much of the blueprint is still to come. But there a lot of exciting possibilities in Everett, and I’m very happy WSU can be a part of it.”

Don’t be surprised if you start seeing a lot more crimson and gray around Everett this fall.


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