Everett Police Use Patience, Tactics, Timing to Stop Man With Knife and Gun

August 18, 2012

Everett, Police Blotter

Congrats to Everett Police for a great job after some tense moments this afternoon in the 2300 block of Rockefeller Avenue as a man with a knife and gun began making threats. Everett Police were called to the house in the middle of the block around one o’clock this afternoon. The man inside reportedly made threats to kill himself and as many others as possible. Everett Police patrol units responded and after several attempts made contact with the man. Several times he came out the front door of his house carrying a knife in one hand and a cell phone in the other. He then began coming out onto the front porch with a pistol and at one point came out onto the yard toward officers who pleaded with the man to put the weapons down. This continued with the man coming in and out and officers patiently talking with the man. After about an hour patrol officers were able to surprise the man, taser him, tackle him and take him into custody. He was then transported to an Everett Hospital for an evaluation.


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One Response to “Everett Police Use Patience, Tactics, Timing to Stop Man With Knife and Gun”

  1. Chyler w Says:

    I live accross the street from him, we’re pretty good friends. I will not share his name but my family saw the whole thing, and we talked to him on the phone during the whole thing. He never once threatened anyone but himself. In fact he specifically said “i dont want to hurt anyone but myself, you dont need these guns”
    He’s a good guy going through some rough things in life. You guys shouldn’t write things you don’t have solid fact for. Besides that, the camera man who I.saw taking these photos didn’t show up till over halfway through the whole ordeal.