Volunteers of America Used Car Sales Program in Everett Shut Down

July 1, 2012

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Joe Rivers has sold used vehicles at the VOA lot in north Everett for the past 10 years

One of the first stories we shared on this blog was that of Jim Brown, director of the Volunteers of America vehicle donation program in Everett. Jim has been with VOA for 27 years and started the vehicle donation program in 1995. In addition to accepting donations of used cars, the Everett program went through the donated vehicles, made sure they were safe and sold them at their own lot on Broadway near Everett Community College in Everett. Saturday afternoon I drove by and saw all the cars were off the lot. Jim was there with two other long time employees and told me the VOA was shutting down the vehicle sales operation and outsourcing the donation program out-of-state. Sadly, some local people are losing jobs and Everett is losing a car lot where folks could get a decent used car at an affordable price.

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8 Responses to “Volunteers of America Used Car Sales Program in Everett Shut Down”

  1. Deanna Says:

    Where do i find a donated car fom VOA? Where is this auction you speak of?

  2. Get the facts Says:

    Some of the information in the story is not accurate. The program was not shut down, just the direct sales lot because it was too expensive to keep. The money from donated vehicles stays in our community. The Church of VOA nationally has a program that manages the donated cars and sells them at auction. Every dollar counts in agencies like Volunteers of America so it can be directed to the people & communities served. Do you know all of the other work VOA does? Food banks, emergency housing, helping the disabled, seniors and children. It’s about more than just a car lot. It is a shame that people lost their jobs and that some folks lost one source for cheap cars, no doubt about that. But before you lay blame and get angry, find out the facts first.

  3. Angry Says:

    Being one of the people that used the VOA auto sales on more than one occasion, I can personally say that this move directly affects me and my family as well as the community in and surrounding Everett. I used to send people their way all the time. Jim always was honest and courteous to his customers and deserved the Job he had. Really Bad Move VOA. I thought their charter was to help the community!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    This program was an absolute life saver for the region. Shame on VOAWW for such mismanagement. I hope that someday Jim, Joe and all the others can restart the used car donation & sales program.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I can’t understand why such a good program can shut down like this. This program helped a lot of people.

    • MELANIE Says:


  6. grateful for the info Says:

    Thanks for providing this report. I used to cruise the online inventory, and the VOA website has been completely revamped, and no way to find used cars to buy on the current website (to which you are directed when you use the old URL for the Everett lot). The “live chat” person there, when I asked, referred me to the FAQ page of the new website. The new website just solicits, it does not provide any information about how to buy the vehicles which had been donated. Shame on VOA.

  7. lisa heinz Says:

    Stupid move! You were serving a segment of clients in need of sffordable trsnsportstion.