2:15pm Update: Only Minor Fuel Spill After Tanker Truck and Train Collide at West Edge of Boeing Plant

June 11, 2012

Everett Fire

No injuries but a slow process to clean up.

No one was injured but firefighters are still slowing draining the last of a tanker loaded with fuel following a collision between the tanker and a freight train just after 10:00am this morning. Authorities still haven’t released the details of how the train and tanker collided as they’ve been dealing with containing a small fuel leak (less than 30 gallons) and making sure there is no environmental damage. The accident happened on the far west edge of the Boeing site where the rail line comes up from Japanese Gulch and enters onto Boeing property. Operations were not affected at the plant itself and no public roadways were affected. Everett Fire did have to call in off-duty personnel and crews from other areas due to the large response required at the start of the call. Most of the extra crews have been returned to their regular areas.

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