3 Dozen Displaced After Two Separate Fires in South Everett Friday Afternoon

June 9, 2012

Everett Fire

It was a busy day for the Everett Fire Department as an early afternoon fire at the Candlewood Apartments on Casino Road seriously damaged six units and left 10 adults and 20 kids without homes. Everett Fire Marshall Rick Robinson says they believe the fire was started by an unattended iron. There were no injuries to residents or firefighters. The damage to the building is estimated at $375,000.00.

Around 5:25pm Everett Firefighters were called to a four-plex in the 1600 block of 8th Ave W in Everett. That’s about a quarter-mile away from the Candlewood fire. As they arrived, fire crews encountered heavy smoke and flames. One man, who was trapped in a second floor unit and rescued by firefighters, was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for possible burns and smoke inhalation. No word on the cause but damage was estimated at $400,000.00. No other injuries were reported, and about 6 people were evacuated from the four-plex.

Snohomish County Red Cross was coordinating with residents of both fires to provide assistance.


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6 Responses to “3 Dozen Displaced After Two Separate Fires in South Everett Friday Afternoon”

  1. Kelsey Says:

    This apartment is HORRIBLE! Lived here for a year, and no matter how clean i kept it, there was still mold and cockroaches! Management sucks horribly, they do nothing but lie to you, i handed my list of things that were broken when i moved in, and when moving out apparently i never handed it in, even though three people were with me that can say that i did in fact hand it in. And Christina, when i lived there the fire alarm did not work for me. This place should have been condemned along time ago. Oh and p.s one of the maintenance dudes talks a lot of crap about the tenants, when you think you are good friends with him, he goes to the other neighbors and shares all your stories you told him to them and switches things up and makes you out to be some kind of criminal. he also blamed everything that went wrong there on my 13 year old niece when in fact i know she’d never do that stuff and she was always with me when there. And he would literally talk bad about her to the other tenants. i would never recommend this place to anyone. SLUMLORDS!

  2. Ellen Says:

    I think you are confused about what smoke detectors do. They go off in the unit only, and do not notify anyone else in the complex or the fire department. There are expensive alarm systems wealthy private homeowners can buy that do that, but the smoke detectors in apartments and most housing is just for the people in that home.

    If you are ever in a fire, please get out as soon as possible and THEN call the fire department or pull the fire alarm. The smoke detector is there to get people out fast, not to call in a warning, that’s the resident’s job once they are safe.

    • cristina Says:

      Actually I’m not confussed by what they do, There was smoke in several of the apartments and in the buildings hallways and none of the smoke detectors went off. If they would have then someone could have alerted the fire department sooner. It was a little girl that was outside that smelled the smoke that did pull the fire alarm which alerted the other tenants.

  3. cristina Says:

    My sisters nieghbor complained to the apartment a month ago telling the that her smoke detector was not working. They said they would replace it and never did. I’m just glad she save copies of the notes she sent them.

  4. Ellen Says:

    I’d be very surprised to learn the smoke detectors didn’t work. I know my next door neighbor does not bother to replace the battery and I will hear his beep for months when I walk past his door. I finally asked the manager about it and was told it works and that he just wasn’t replacing the battery. (He did, after I complained.) We shouldn’t have to complain to get our neighbors to do what they should be doing in the first place, and how is management going to know they’re letting things go when they can’t be everywhere at once? Neighbors like this should be evicted because they are risking OUR lives, not just their own.

  5. cristina Says:

    The Red cross is not doing anything to assist my sister was in one of the apartments affected at candlewood and was told by the red cross that the only thing they could do to help is to put them up in a shelter. I belive the damage could have been alot less if candlewood would have had working smoke detectors, A resident living at candlewood had to pull the fire alarm to alert the other residents. I’m just thankfull that this did not happen at night the result could have been much worse because of the absence of any working smoke detectors.