Female Defendant in 3 State Killing Spree Escapes Death Penalty for Everett Murders

May 5, 2012

Police Blotter

Holly Ann Grigsby

Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe yesterday announced that he won’t be seeking the death penalty against Holly Ann Grigsby for her active involvement in the murders of Leslie (Dee Dee) Pedersen and her husband Red Pedersen. The body of Leslie Pedersen was found in her home at the Everett Mobile Country Club back on September 28th. She had been stabbed to death. That began an investigation leading to revelations of three additional murders stretching from Everett to California. Grigsby’s co-defendant, David (Joey) Pedersen has already pled guilty to the Everett murders and is serving life in prison. Here’s Snohomish County Prosecutor Mark Roe’s statement on why he did not pursue the death penalty…

I have decided not to seek the death penalty for Holly Ann Grigsby. The charges remain two counts of Aggravated Murder in the First Degree, with Life Imprisonment without parole the only remaining sentencing option.
There is ample evidence that co-defendant David J. Pedersen’s hatred for his father was the primary motivation for these crimes. Unarguably, the nature of this defendants alleged physical acts, committed against a completely innocent victim, Leslie Pederson, almost defy description. Still, this defendant had no violent criminal history previous to this, is quite young at 24, and appears to have been following the lead of David J. Pedersen.
Proportionality also weighs against seeking death for this defendant after declining to do so for her co-defendant who was older, instigated the crimes, and had more criminal history, some of it violent.
The case remains set for trial. As is the practice of this office we will not further discuss specific facts of pending cases, pursuant to RPC 3.8. As always, the defendant is presumed innocent, and that presumption remains intact.

There is still the possibility that Federal authorities or prosecutors in Oregon or California could pursue the death penalty against Grigsby and Joey Pedersen for the murders the couple are suspected of in their jurisdictions.

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