Yes Procrastinators, Everett Hardeson Postal Facility Open Until Midnight For Tax Returns

April 17, 2012


Everett Postal drop off until midnite for tax forms

Here's where you can drop off tax forms before midnight but it's just a drop off, they don't sell stamps here

The Everett Mail Processing Facility at 8120 Hardeson Road will have their blue drop off boxes available until Midnight tonight for people wanting to beat the postmark deadline for mailing your tax returns. Here are a few more tips for last-minute filers…

•Make sure your tax return has sufficient postage. First-Class postage is 45-cents for the first ounce and 20-cents for each additional ounce. If you are mailing a number of supplementary forms and schedules with your return, the envelope is likely to weigh more than one ounce.
•The IRS will not pay postage due. Mail with insufficient postage is returned to sender. If you are in doubt about how much postage to apply, use a lobby scale, the scale on an APC (Automated Postal Center) or ask a postal clerk for assistance.
•If possible, mail your return using the pre-addressed envelope provided by the IRS. If you must prepare another envelope, make sure the address is legible and include your return address.
•When mailing your return at a post office not on the list for late pickup, check the times posted on the blue collection box to determine the last scheduled pickup time.
•Remember, postage can be purchased at any Automated Postal Center (APC). Check for a location near you.

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One Response to “Yes Procrastinators, Everett Hardeson Postal Facility Open Until Midnight For Tax Returns”

  1. Sue Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this information – you are an absolute angel! 🙂

    Because I found your page, I was able to file a request for extension when I found what appears to be a miscalculation on our taxes at the last minute this afternoon. I will sleep a lot better tonight than I would have had I rushed, and wound ended up needing to go through the tax amendment process.

    Thanks again – I pray for blessings/good Karma bestowed upon you in return for your good deed.