Everett to Convert More Than 12,000 Water Customers From Flat Rate to Metered Service

March 14, 2012

Everett Government

The days of flat rate water service for residential customers in Everett are coming to an end

Starting in June of this year, the City of Everett will have public works crews begin installing more than 12,000 residential water  meters. Running from north to south, west to east across the city, homes without water meters and whose owners pay flat residential rates will receive new meters installed by City of Everett work crews. According to Dave Davis from Everett Public Works, the city hopes to install between 25 and 50 meters each week at a cost of about $750.00 per meter. There is a deadline of 2017 to get all 12,000 or so meters installed at a total cost of around 9.4 million dollars. Once meters are installed, flat rate customers will have a one year grace period before metered rates kick in. Davis tells My Everett News that homes built before 1990 weren’t required to have meters but new regulations now require all City of Everett water customers have metered service.


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