Last Day for Everett Schools Pushed Back to Wednesday June 27th, More Moves Possible

January 25, 2012


The Everett School Board has decided that at least for now, the last day of school in Everett will be Wednesday June 27th. Here’s the latest information sent out to parents today…

The school board approved the following adjustments to the school year calendar:

Monday, Jan. 30, is revised from a non-student day to a regular school day for all
staff and students

Monday, Feb. 6, is now a regular school day for all grade levels

Wednesday, June 27, is, as of now, the final day of instruction

The board’s action is just the first step in what are likely to be at least two steps in adjusting the calendar in response to last week’s four snow days. Yet to be fully researched and discussed with many groups are the options, legalities, and impact of other adjustments that might affect the end of the school year and commencement.

There will likely be a recommendation for the board to consider as part of calendar step two during the Feb. 14 board meeting.

The timing of last week’s storm had the greatest immediate impact upon high school students, families and staff because of the semester final exams, culminating exhibitions and the state required timing for math end of course exams.

Without the board’s approval of step one calendar adjustments, high school students would be taking finals beginning today – minus four days of important instructional preparation and on top of math end of course exams. Moving finals and the end of the semester was the right thing to do for students and for staff. Moving finals then required moving the Jan. 30 staff work day to after finals (which are now Feb. 1-3) so that high school teachers have a day after exams for grading.

Also considered was keeping Jan. 30 as a non-instructional day for grades K-8 and setting Feb. 6 as a high school grading day. However, after conversations with staff and parent representatives, it was determined that having all students, K-12 on the same non-instructional day schedule was best. For example, some families rely on older students for child care. Families with students at multiple grade levels would have two days with some family students not in school and face two days of necessary adjustments. Busing different groups of students on two different days added transportation costs.

We look forward to reaching solutions about the calendar issues that remain, including graduation and any potential adjustments to the last day of school. We understand that families must adjust their schedules as well and we will keep you informed as soon as more information is available.


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