Benefit Shows Scheduled in Aftermath of Everett Storage Fire

December 28, 2011

Events in Everett, Everett

Many benefit concerts are being planned as a result of the fire

In addition to taking the life of a Lynnwood man, the Christmas Eve fire at The Storehouse in Everett also destroyed thousands of dollars of equipment for bands based in Everett and who support the Everett Music scene. Several concerts are being arranged to raise money so these local musicians can replace their equipment. Here’s a partial listing of some of those events provided by one of the organizers…
On Christmas Eve, the storage sheds that half the bands in Everett use as a practice space tragically burned down, taking tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment with it. Several bands lost everything and they could really use your help right now. There are a bunch of benefit shows scheduled already, and if you’ve ever had even a passing interest in the local music scene, I urge you to go to at least one of them and support these guys in their time of need.
Dec 30 at Flight’s Pub Everett
–Dec 30 at The shipwreck Tavern
New Years Eve at Flight’s Pub Everett
–Jan 1 Potluck at Tony Vs Garage Everett
–Jan 6 at Uncle Sam’s American Bar and Grill Spanaway
Jan 14 at Tony V’s Garage Everett
Every Monday in Jan at One-Eyed Jack’s Roadhouse Everett:

You can also make an online donation to assist the band equipment fund by clicking here or using an alternate site here.

There is a donation box at Tony V’s Garage.

Hell’s Kitchen and One-Eyed Jacks will be taking donations New Years Eve.

The person who died in the fire has been identified as 31-year-old Matthew J. Paulsene of Lynnwood. Everett Police and Fire investigators are expected back at the fire scene today to continue trying to determine the cause of the fire.

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6 Responses to “Benefit Shows Scheduled in Aftermath of Everett Storage Fire”

  1. mom Says:

    The reason for the lack of concern for the human life is because they found out he was living in the unit. They have already judged him and his worth. No different than if they’d of found a prositute dead in the street. Just another bum.
    Matthew was my son, whom I loved very much. I will always love him and he will be missed by not only by myself, but others he had made friends with. Although he had chosen a different lifestyle than many of us are not accustomed to, it was still a life and his life that he enjoyed. It was now gone. He had lost all contact with me over the years due to drug problems, but he was always in my heart. In fact, if you every heard mention of me from him, it would have probably been bad, since Matthew’s memory of me was completely destorted, although at one time he loved me very much. People today are more concerned with the materials things in life and this tough economy has brought many of those greedy, selfish people down but when you loose something that can never be replaced, then they will realize the importance of life. I’m sure God has a plan. I’m sorry for their losses and any losses that my son may have caused for innocent people, but I am most sorry about the loss of my son’s life. I understand that life must go on for the living and we should all try to learn from tragedies such as these and hope that we can share a message and pass some help on to someone who still has a chance. The band members may feel some resentment towards him, or even hate him because his unit caused the fire. But, they shouldn’t. He was a casualty before this event and if you were one of the band members that practiced there, you may have met him and recognized that. He worked on band equipment while he was there. If anyone out there can tell me more about Matty, please do. Where do I read other posts?

    • Tommy Niemeyer - The Accused Says:

      Very well said, mom. It does seem like a person’s lifestyle choices these days are analyzed by an ever-increasingly ignorant society grazing on the slop of mass media’s propaganda and lies. Judgemental finger-pointers who are kept busy peering through their kitchen blinds at their neighbor and reporting “suspicious activity” or possible acts of “terrorism” every chance they get. Let’s not forget the real tradgedy here—that a spirit, a soul, encased in human flesh;
      more unique, complex and intricate than any machine ever built or conceived by man–is no longer among us. That is the “story” here. Our hearts go out to you, mom. And to those that he knew and knew him.

    • edmonds Says:

      Mom, leave you’re email address. I can maybe answer some questions that you might have about you’re son. I knew him well. I however had not been in contact with him in recent years.

  2. Freak Says:

    I couldn’t agree more. This has sickened me since the day I read all the comments on Christmas, and seeing multiple posts about gear.. I know the news was still out as to there even being a fatality, but once it was known that a human died , one would think that acknowledgement of the news would take place. Nope, the focus never changed, I read a very cold and presumptuous post online from one of the band members who has already figured this out, or so he thinks. I’m gonna wait until the jury’s in. Patiently waiting… WTF could be taking so long?

  3. REE.T Says:

    I just have a question?????????????? Do you notice the beginning of this story head line???? (((In addition to taking the life of a lynnwood man))))???? Okay a human being died!!! Sounds fairly important right???? Okayyy so if you continue reading this story they put more emphasis on this dang music equiptment and how they’re going to raise money for the musicians to regain their loss. I do understand there was thousands of dollars lost but were talking about a human life!!!! When is this world gonna quit being so selfish???? How about raising money for this man’s family members or his children that are grieving from his loss???? Now this is just my personal opinion. THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL!!!!! We miss you MattieP.