Larsen Announces Federal Aid for Everett Kimberly-Clark Workers

December 20, 2011

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Click the picture to see the Federal Assistance Program available to K-C workers

Congressman Rick Larsen announced today that workers losing their jobs due to the shut-down of the Kimberly-Clark plant in Everett will be getting some help from the Federal Government. Here’s the news release we received earlier this morning…

Larsen: Kimberly-Clark Workers to Receive Federal Assistance

WASHINGTON—Workers at the Kimberly-Clark Everett facility will receive federal Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), Rep. Rick Larsen, WA-02, announced today. The assistance, including reemployment and job search services, training, health care, and income support, will be made available to employees of the Everett plant.

“This vital assistance could not have come at a better time for the workers at Kimberly-Clark who are in a time of great uncertainty,” Larsen said. “These benefits, including important training, job placement, health care and income support, will be critical for the workers as they adjust and find new work. The workers at Kimberly-Clark deserved better than to have the plant close, and I will continue working to make sure they get the support they need in this difficult time.”

Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers Rep. Frank P Frank Prochaska also hailed the announcement.

“While this won’t replace good paying jobs in Everett, these benefits will help all these workers transition to other meaningful work and will help our community better weather the impact of this loss to our local economy,” Prochaska said. “Many people worked very hard on this petition, and all deserve thanks.”

Congress voted to extend the Trade Adjustment Assistance program in October.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance includes:
Reemployment services: TAA-eligible workers can get help finding new jobs through the One-Stop Career Center, which offers employment counseling, resume writing and interview skills workshops, job referrals and more.
Job search allowances: Workers can have eligible expenses from job searches outside the Everett area covered.
Relocation allowances: Workers can have expenses from the cost of moving to a new area for a new job covered.
Training: Workers can receive classroom training, on-the-job training, customized training and remedial education
Income support: In addition to unemployment insurance, workers can receive Trade Readjustment Allowances.
Health coverage: TAA-eligible workers may receive tax credits for 65 percent of their monthly health insurance premiums.

If you know of a Kimberly-Clark worker who wants to apply for the Federal Assistance you can click right here or forward them this link.

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