Everett, WA Police Chief Says Burglaries Up, All Other Crimes are Down

December 15, 2011

Everett Government, Police Blotter

Burglaries are up in the city of Everett

At last night’s Everett City Council meeting, Everett Police Chief Kathy Atwood gave a brief report on crime statistics in Everett. The Chief was responding to a citizen who a few weeks ago presented the council with stats from the FBI crime report claiming that crime in Everett was much higher than other cities. Chief Atwood began her presentation with an admonition from the FBI that cautions against ranking crime rates between cities and counties as there are too many variables to make an accurate comparison.
“Crime is complex” said Atwood, “It’s a police issue but also a community issue.”
Chief Atwood told the council that while she wasn’t prepared to give a full accounting, between October 2010 and October 2011 there was an overall decrease in each crime category tracked, except burglary.
Atwood said there was a 25% decrease in vehicle prowls and vehicle thefts and violent crime was down by at least 20 percent. Atwood didn’t offer numbers but said that burglary was a problem and is on the rise in Everett and pretty much everywhere else. She told council members she has asked her staff to give her a plan to address the rise in burglaries and will be ready to present that to the council along with a more complete report during the month of February.


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