Car Flips Into Everett Yard

December 15, 2011

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A man was seriously injured after his car careened down a hill and ended up on its side at the corner of 38th and Friday in Everett. The crash occurred around 9:30pm. When My Everett News arrived, police at the scene were still trying to piece together what happened but a neighbor told My Everett News that the car came down the hill on Howard Avenue, missed the turn and clipped a fire hydrant rolling on its side into the yard of the house on the northeast corner of 38th and Friday. The people who live in the house were not home at the time of the crash and came home to find the fire crews working to extract the driver. There was no damage to the house and the only person injured was the driver of the car. No word on the severity of his injuries or the cause of the crash.

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One Response to “Car Flips Into Everett Yard”

  1. Josh Says:

    Hey there. Good report… but just so you know, it was Edward Ave, not Howard. Me and 2 friends were first on the scene and called 911. We were on our porch about 4 houses down smoking, when we noticed the car come flying down the hill. All we saw was it jump the curb then a loud thud. We ran over and called 911 and asked if everyone was ok. No one answered but the police and aid cars showed up within 2 minutes. From what I saw, the elderly man had a head injury, but thats all I could see.