Occupy Everett Tents Now Up at Snohomish County Administration Plaza in Downtown Everett – Sunday Update 9:41am

October 29, 2011

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Expect to see people staying in this and other tents as Occupy Everett settles in. Photo credit: myeverettnews.com

The first tents are going up and the first overnight residents are expected to stay this evening at the Occupy Everett site on the Snohomish County Administration Complex at the corner of Wall and Rockefeller in downtown Everett. On Thursday, we reported that Snohomish County had issued permits for Occupy Everett to set up on the administration plaza. You can see a copy of that permit here. Today the tents started going up. While there is no official spokesperson for the group, I was able to talk with Anthony Vicari who told me that they have a rally on Saturday and Sunday at noon and a General Assembly every evening at 7pm. He told me that there is some discussion of having people who are experiencing homelessness and who are turned away as Everett shelters fill up, stay in the tents during the winter when members of Occupy Everett aren’t able to stay at the site as they have to go to their jobs, homes and other obligations. He said the people would be pre-screened and that the idea is still up for discussion by the General Assembly.

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Sunday 10/30/2011 I received the following email this morning…

Good Morning,

Yesterday, you interviewed me and I misspoke.  I told you that Occupy Everett would be reaching out to the homeless at the Everett Gospel Mission to look for homeless that would be interested in staying at Occupy Everett…THIS WAS INCORRECT.  During our meeting last night, the group reiterated that we WOULD NOT be inviting homeless from the Everett Gospel Mission.  Please note this correction.  We will, when encountered with homeless who may stroll past, guide them to the help and resources that are available to them.


Anthony Vicari


The new Occupy Everett logo with clenched fist and mountains

Occupy Everett has adopted a new logo. Vicari tells me that there was a vote to have the logo changed to better reflect the national movement. He says they’re also attracting people from Mt. Vernon and other areas north of Everett who can make it back and forth to Everett much easier than Seattle. Car pools are currently being arranged to help coordinate transportation. In addition to a presence on the Snohomish County campus, Occupy Everett now has a Facebook page, Twitter Feed and website.  Snohomish County is providing two port-a-potties and around the clock security with the Sheriff’s Office on site as the occupation of the Snohomish County administration campus now is truly under way.  

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