Ezell’s Everett now “Heaven Sent Fried Chicken”

October 24, 2011

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Ezell Stephens plans to open new stores next month in Renton and next year in Texas

“I have a name that fits my chicken now!” said Ezell Stephens when I asked him about the latest happenings at his south Everett Restaurant. I first talked with Ezell in February of this year when he announced plans to open in Everett. Ezell opened his Everett location back on April 5th and says it’s exceeding expectations. “Everett is doing exactly what I expected and now doing more.” said Stephens, “We’re coming into the slower time of year yet business is increasing not decreasing.” Stephens recently settled a dispute with his former corporation that is causing him to change the name of the restaurants he currently owns in Everett and Lake City and any future locations to Heaven Sent Fried Chicken. “It’s the greatest name I could ever have for my restaurant” said Stephens. “I’m the same and so is my chicken.” Expansion plans are also in the works for Heaven Sent Fried Chicken. Ezell tells me they plan on opening a new location in downtown Renton next month on 11/11/11. There are also plans for a store on Seattle’s Rainier Avenue South in a co-location with Willy’s Taste of Soul. Another big move is in the works with a store planned for Ezell’s home town of Marshall, Texas. Ezell tells me he just got back from serving chicken to the town’s Mayor and city officials who are welcoming him home with open arms. He hopes to open that store in early 2012. Ezell seems very happy in his new world of Heaven Sent Fried Chicken. “I don’t have to have meetings or convince anyone of what we should do” said Stephens. “I am once again the boss.”

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9 Responses to “Ezell’s Everett now “Heaven Sent Fried Chicken””

  1. Joslyn Says:

    I don’t know what Ezell’s in Seattle was like before the change, but it came off (the chicken at least) as dry and boring KFC like. Service was always only okay, with a bit of attitude here and there. When I moved home to Everett my friends insisted I go to Heaven Sent which I didn’t realize was by one of the original founders. The difference was amazing! The service was great with the staff being friendly. It wasn’t fast, but that’s because they made me a fresh batch of chicken strips and even making me a couple fresh pieces of chicken for my boyfriend. The sides were warm and tasty and don’t even get me started on the rolls! Was it super crowded….no, mainly because most people picked up rather then dine in which I feel is standard for food like this. But there was quite a bit of foot traffic coming in so I can tell this place does well. Overall this is the best place to get real southern fried chicken and sides. The food is well seasoned and tasty, and the quality definitely fits the price. And I totally stand with HS over “Ezell’s” any and everyday.

  2. Kirstin Says:

    Have visited the Everett location 5 times now, ordering chicken strip meals 4 times and a chicken 3 piece meal once, all orders to go.

    Pleasantly surprised how moist the chicken strips were compared to KFC dry strips and Chick-fil-A with a very thin and under cooked coating.

    Had to wait a little bit longer for the strips,they cook them to order, which I liked. Fresh, hot and moist.
    The rolls were definitely heaven sent, but we did not like the coleslaw at all.
    My husband said the chicken meal was OK, prefers KFC original meal. Would buy strips here vs KFC.

    Long story short, best chicken strips (especially the spicy) we’ve bought anywhere to date.
    We also ALWAYS order extra rolls !

  3. stan Says:

    Excellent chicken!! The mashed potatoes were great & seemed like homemade.I’ll be eating there alot.The lady taking my order was very friendly.The only thing wrong is no coca-cola.

  4. Kris Says:

    It’s was the best chicken ever!!!!!!

  5. Seattlegirl Says:

    You all must have been going to the wrong locations… Every time I’ve been there, the food was great! the employes are nicer where I go, and even nicer once you have been there long enough to almost be asked if you want your ‘regular’…

  6. widower Says:

    I visited the Renton location and there is really nothing there except parking. No customer service, just coldness from the couple of employees and also NO Customers. Didn’t find anything there “Heaven sent–Not the crew and Not the food.

  7. Enduser Says:

    I frequented the Edmonds store a couple of times before they closed. Ate dry chicken & cold mashed potatoes both times I was there. You’d be better off with a sack of Albertson’s chicken & JoJo’s I believe

  8. Everettman Says:

    I thought the chicken was OK. The sides were small. The bench seats were not very confortable. The staff didn’t seem to care about you. They didn’t seem friendly at all, just bored. The prices seemed on the high side. I went there once. I won’t go again.

    • Seattlegirl Says:

      WHAT?!? OK?!? The chicken is great!!! Best eaten hot with a warm roll deredged in the grease!!