Voting in Everett Begins Today

October 22, 2011

Everett Government

You can vote anytime between now and November 8th.

Happy Election Day! That’s something you can now say every day thru Tuesday November 8th. By the end of today almost everyone eligible to vote in the General election will have received their state voter’s guide, local voter’s guide and mail in ballot. Now it’s up to you to decide when to vote and how to return your ballot to be counted. If you mail it back, your ballot has to be postmarked by November 8th but if you don’t want to trust mailing it in, your ballot can be dropped off at specially marked boxes in front of the Snohomish County courthouse in Everett or other locations around Snohomish County. If you don’t trust the mail ballot at all, you can use the voting machines at the Snohomish County Auditor’s Office at the courthouse in Everett. They are designed for disabled voters who may have visual problems and need an audio version of the ballot but anyone may use them.

A reminder that My Everett News has offered 300 word profiles to candidates running for office in Everett. You can find all of these under the Everett Government tab at the top of the page. We post them as they come in and they flow thru the regular news feed. We sent invitations to the candidates email address on file with the auditor. Some have responded and posted profiles, some have not. My Everett News does not endorse any candidates or issues. We do accept political ads. Our only piece of political advice…If you don’t vote, you can’t complain.

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