Candidate Profiles – Drew Nielsen Everett City Council Position 5

October 21, 2011

Everett Government

Drew Nielsen is running for Everett City Council Position 5

I am asking for your support for my re-election to Everett City Council.

To compete for businesses and good jobs, Everett must be a desirable place to work and live. That takes fiscal management and good policies. Everett is in strong financial shape, with 20% budget reserves, even in the face of our national economic downturn.

Good policy decisions have produced good results. While staying within our revenues, we acquired new park lands south of Everett Mall, in the Madison neighborhood and on Mukilteo Blvd. Our award-winning downtown plan is being implemented — a new hotel is coming on Colby; the Hoyt Avenue arts district is here, with needed state-of-the-art bicycle lanes through downtown, and anchored by the Schack Arts Center; and a quarter-block public plaza is planned for Wetmore. We have done these things while we maintained strong Police and Fire Departments and other essential services, without layoffs.

City Council does the bulk of its work at our weekly meeting, and I am dedicated to doing the job I am paid for. Every single year of my term, I have had the best attendance record of any councilmember. I believe that as your representative I should work hard, ask tough questions and make thoughtful decisions using independent judgment. I have strived to do that, and I pledge to continue.

Everett has made strides, and people are noticing. Recently, a Marysville resident casually mentioned to me that he is impressed by the changes he has seen in Everett over the last five or so years. I hear this a lot. It is the result of thoughtful decisions that balance our citizens’ vision for Everett and how to afford it.

I hope you share the vision for an even better Everett, and I ask for your vote.

Editor’s Note: The above profile is posted as a public service by My Everett News. Candidates for positions that directly affect Everett residents have been invited to submit a statement up to 300 words on why people in Everett should vote for them. My Everett News does not endorse any political candidates.


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