Some Everett City Council Candidates Showing Debt in Their Campaigns

October 13, 2011

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WA Public Disclosure Commission searchable data base. Everett City Council is listed on page 19.

On August 28th we gave you an update on fundraising for the Everett City Council races and at that time 3 of the 4 challengers had raised more than the incumbents. That is now down to 2 out of 4. With actual voting a week away, it’s probably time for another Everett City Council campaign fundraising update. New from last time, Erv Hoglund, Brenda Stonecipher and Drew Nielsen are now showing debt in their campaigns. So far, none of the other candidates have debts listed. Here’s the latest from the Public Disclosure Commission website, page 19, as of this morning…

Current incumbent City Council President Shannon Affholter still leads all candidates with $22,305.00 in contributions. He’s spent $5,348.53. His opponent in the race for position 7, Jackie Minchew, still has no reported contributions or spending listed.

As for the other races, In position 4, June Robinson lists $12,907.74 in contributions and $5,067.21 spent while the incumbent, Ron Gipson, shows contributions of $9,000.00 and $2,615.48 in spending.

For position 5, Erv Hoglund lists contributions of $11,698.12 with spending showing as $3,953.32  and debt of $333.12 while the incumbent, Drew Nielsen, shows $8,500.55 in contributions against $2395.82 spent with debt of $4,000.00.

In position 6, challenger Scott Bader lists $8,210.00 in contributions with his spending at $3,186.08 as incumbent Brenda Stonecipher, shows $10,520.00 in contributions and expenditures of $1,618.55 along with a debt of $5,000.00.

The ballots for the November 8th general election go into the mail a week from today. (Thu Oct. 20) Have questions about voting in the upcoming election?  The Snohomish County Auditor’s Office has a great Frequently Asked Questions guide for voters about the upcoming election.

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