Everett’s Newest Radio Station Is Classic Country 1520 AM

October 11, 2011


Nick Crookshank and Andy Skotdal look on as Stitch Mitchell launches the 1st song on Classic Country 1520AM from their new studios in downtown Everett, WA

I ain’t nothing but a simple man. Call me a redneck, I recon that I am… At 4:00pm this afternoon Classic Country 1520 KXA signed on with Charlie Daniels’ Simple Man launching what they say is the last new AM radio station in the United States. Broadcasting from the same studio complex as KRKO in downtown Everett, the station at 1520 AM plays what it calls the Northwest’s Greatest Country Music. Here’s the press release from station owner Andrew Skotdal…

In his explosive hit single “Country Must Be Country Wide” Brantley Gilbert sings “In every state there’s a station playin’ Cash, Hank, Willie, and Waylon.” That was true of only one radio station in Washington State until today’s launch of Classic Country 1520 KXA (KKXA-AM), Western Washington’s exclusive home of the biggest classic country hits of all time and the last all-new AM radio station that will ever go on the air in the Puget Sound basin. KXA launched at 4:00 PM today with “Simple Man” by Charlie Daniels.

Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) officials cleared the way for KXA to begin commercial programming and gave the station the green light to operate its new transmitter facility in the Snohomish River Valley. “Getting on the air is the first step,” said station general manager, Andy Skotdal, “Next, we’ll see how listeners respond to the classic country format and eventually add some on-air personalities to the mix.” Classic Country 1520 will feature real country variety with country favorites from the 80’s and 90’s with artists like Travis Tritt and Brooks and Dunn and will include legends of the format like the late Johnny Cash. “Seattle radio stations are running extremely tight music playlists and repeating the same songs over and over,” said Skotdal, “We’re going to bring songs to the radio that Seattle stations won’t play any more.” KXA will also carry Washington State University football and basketball as well as some Everett Silvertips, Everett Aquasox and high school sports games.

Classic Country 1520 is one of two radio stations locally operated by the Skotdal family in a market that is dominated by large, multi-state radio station operators like CBS Radio, Clear Channel, Entercom, Bonneville International, and Sandusky Radio. “The cost of Seattle radio advertising is out of reach for most local business owners, but the northern Puget Sound region now has another affordable outlet for local businesses to reach consumers. Instead of Seattle businesses pulling consumers from Snohomish County to King County, KXA and sister station KRKO 1380 AM (Fox Sports 1380) have formats that can pull consumers from King County back to businesses in Snohomish County.”

The call-sign is a tribute to the former KXA, Seattle, a station identified today as KTTH 770 and one of the oldest radio stations in Puget Sound. Call-sign KXA’s heritage (1927) dates back almost as far as KRKO 1380 AM (1922), but KXA also has a bit of a storied past as a station once owned by Roy Olmstead, Seattle’s most famous bootlegger. It is claimed that Olmstead’s wife used coded messages during her children’s story hour to signal offshore boats loaded with alcohol.

Earlier this month, the FCC granted KRKO authority to operate full-time at 50,000 Watts, a distinction shared by approximately 100 radio stations in the United States, KJR 950, KIRO 710, KOMO 1000, and KPTK 1090 among them. KXA is now awaiting final approval to boost its full-time power to 50,000 Watts as well.

“There will likely never be another all new AM radio station in Western Washington. We had an extraordinary team dedicated to making this happen. More than 300 people assisted with the 14-year process to get the radio station on the air. This is the last all new AM radio station that will ever go on the air in the Puget Sound basin, and on behalf of my family, I want to express my gratitude to all of those who helped make KXA’s debut possible.”

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24 Responses to “Everett’s Newest Radio Station Is Classic Country 1520 AM”

  1. Russell B Says:

    I had been at my father in-laws one day and asked what station is this? 1520am he says,I run out to my car and change my radio to 1520am and stays there! I love this old 50s,60s,70s,80s and 90s music! This is what I grown up with. I love it!

  2. Mary O Says:

    Hey!!! We are out here in beautiful downtown Mukilteo listening to the newest and bestest country music any where on the dial.

  3. don Says:

    Hi from kamloops british columbia canada love your station I can receive it soon as I climb the mountain I live on me and the wife wait for it in our vehicle thanks!

  4. I have been trying to get a hold on clean green carpet clean that is advertised on your show. Can't find it on the net nothin, I tried calling station ,left my number nothin help j. Please put your number on the radio, I want you. Says:

    Help I need green clean carpet people,can’t get ie on the net, called station left number nothing,please put your phone number in the ad or spell out more carpet for your green because I can’t find you. I need you!

  5. Mavis Says:

    Found out about this radio station today ( 1/24/13) while in Everett saw the billboard and tuned the radio in love your station. hope you will be playing songs from the 60′ and 70’s also. it is good to hear “real” country music.
    we havnt been listening to the radio for quite awhile because we didnt like the “new”country.
    thank you for keeping country “country”

  6. Craig Says:

    Accidentally found your station while channel surfing for the game yesterday. It’s about time we have some classic country back. I stopped listening to the modern country stations since it has become just another form of Rock these days. I like the 70s and 80s classic country and LOVE the 50s and 60s even more. You’re now programmed into my car radio.

  7. T. Michael Says:

    I am retired and listen to your station all day long, but you are in a rut playing the same songs over and over. There are still a lot of unplayed songs from artists such as Hank Snow, Hank Thompson, Jim Reeves, and the greatest of all, Lefty Frizzle that needs to be played.
    Tex Ritter and Bob Wills too. Keep up the great work. This is the first station I have listened to that I make an effort to support the sponsors.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    KXA is the only station I listen to now (except when sports are on.) I’ve even given up talk radio. You are the BEST

  9. Randy okeefe Says:

    Do you guys ever play ,confiderat railroad or southern pacific,,these were 2 great bands you should ad to your line up,,i really like your music,,maybe even some chris christoferson also,,great stuff keep it up ,,i love it,,

  10. Chuck Togstad Says:

    We just started listening to your Classic Country Station. It is a big hit in Arlington, we heard about it from a friend and have told others about it. Keep it coming.

  11. A@E repair Says:

    I travel every day all over the community fixing appliances and the only reason I now listen everyday to this station is because of the sign in Everett by the Community College. You need to get more signs out. I live in Stanwood, I travel to Granite Falls, Arlington, Darrington and they are all rich in Country folk. I tell my customers about you guys and no ones has heard of you, so get out there and lets see more signs!!!!! Thank you.

  12. shane Says:

    Is KXA going to do sundays kind of country? really enjoy the station!! thank-you

  13. Wes jones Says:

    Great station!! I dig the old stuff!

  14. Arlene Harper Says:

    I walked out of Goodwill in S. Everett Wednesday and saw this sign “CLASSIC COUNTRY”. I immediately turned it on and I LOVE IT. I don’t remember all these songs until I hear them and then “I remember that one”. The signal comes thru loud and clear. What a wonderful change from that other station in Seattle. I intend to pass the word on. So glad I went to Goodwill that day.

  15. John H Says:

    Hi, I found you while resetting my truck radio this afternoon. It’s about time to get some GOOD Country back on the air. Keep it good, keep it country. Thank you

  16. Dave B Says:

    LOVE your new station! But…reception poor down here in Bellevue…Can you fix it? We love country down here in the big city, too!!

  17. K Ostbye Says:

    Just tried you on my little radio in my office and I can get you! A little scratchy but I can at last listen to GOOD! country music. Thanks!!

  18. K Ostbye Says:

    Yeah! I hope I can get your station down here in FW, but if not, I will put it in my car radio anyway, so I can listen when I’m up your way. Wish there were more station like yours for us older folks. Actually, my preference would be even older than what you are going to play, but I will take what I can get.

  19. sedwards ak Says:

    Congratulations to you folks at KXA 1520 Khz.
    Your signal made it to Anchorage, Alaska!!!
    I picked up your station around 11:30 PM local 10/13/2011.
    It was great to here you, good sound with very little fade.

    Ain’t solar flares wonderful.

    Anchorage, AK

  20. XA Says:

    HEY! Where is my comment from yesterday?

  21. 12th Man Says:

    I know that there is a proposed 740 AM station in Redmond & i’d like to see it get the call sign KKTW as a tribute to the former KTW, Seattle, a station identified today as KKDZ 1250(Radio Disney).

  22. Larry Powers Says:

    Congratulations to Andy Skotdal and all 300 people (plus) all others who are in support of KKXA AM 1520 getting on the air! Welcome Classic Country KXA! Also congratulations to KRKO 1380 who is “now operating” with 50,000 watts 24 hours per day and not just with 50,000 watts at night time! May both stations be an asset to Everett, Snohomish and Snohomish County and beyond! It has been a long 14 years effort to finally have these two powerhouse stations broadcasting with 50,000 watts! May KXA soon be 50,000 watts daytime as well as at night! May both stations continue to be “locally owned” forever!

  23. Greg Tisdel Says:

    Great job!!!!! Thanks for another Skotdal contribution to Snohomish County county.Now its time to cowboy up Andy