Pasties and Nearly Bare Backsides Selling Lots of Coffee on Evergreen Way in Everett

September 20, 2011


It’s not lewd conduct or indecent exposure as defined by Everett’s Municipal Code, but the pasties and G-Strings at one south Everett espresso stand are raising eyebrows. The baristas at the Grab-N-Go Bikini Hut in the 7100 Block of Evergreen Way in Everett often sun themselves in the window next to the street. In 2009 the Everett City Council amended the city’s definitions of lewd conduct after baristas at a different Grab N’ Go espresso stand were cited for committing act of prostitution.

While Snohomish County did away with pasties and G-Strings, Everett’s code still allows them and with the warm weather and a big window on a major city street, that’s started to lead to some complaints. So far though, no moves by the Everett City Council to get the girls to cover up a bit more. It is an election year however, so it will be interesting to see if any of the candidates for the four seats up on the Everett City Council will make this a campaign issue.

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7 Responses to “Pasties and Nearly Bare Backsides Selling Lots of Coffee on Evergreen Way in Everett”

  1. Dad Says:

    Should open only from 10pm to 5am, period.

  2. ChristianDefender Says:

    You can make a joke out of this as much as you want but it`s not ok that in our town women are selling coffee almost totally naked. I suport their arrest and hope they will get some time in jail or at least one very “good” fine !

    • Suzanne Says:

      Criminals commit all kinds of crimes around here and rarely go to jail or pay their fines. I know of a young woman who has over $6,000 in fines for drug charges, 2nd degree burglary and other theft charges. She continually gets bailed out, rarely goes to her hearings, usually has a warrant out for her arrest yet she avoids any consequences for her bad behavior. How does this happen? I would like these criminals locked up or at least have to pay their fines. They receive no consequence for their law breaking so they just keep on the same path of debauchery.

  3. Grab N Go Says:

    No matter what business you have or product’s you sell there will always be complaints. It would be interesting to see if the priority of the city council and tax payers money will be wasted even more on espresso stands. Apparently missing persons is on the bottom of the priority level after all it was just over a year ago the founder of Grab N Go had gone missing with little to no action taken.

    Since were on the topic of sensorship and comunism we may as well start closing down movie theatres and womens apparel outlets. As a matter of fact maybe in this communist government proposed we can just have boxes labeled in plain black text what products are enclosed while shopping the last time I checked implied nudity has been used in modeling for almost any product currently on the market….. In short “SO WHAT”!

  4. thinkaboutit Says:

    Between being a Navy town and blue collar town, what do you expect? High class call girls?

  5. Zeppelin Bob Says:

    Slow news day?


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