Everett Police Shoot and Kill Pit Bull After Taser Fails to Stop Attack on Officers

August 30, 2011

Everett, Police Blotter

Everett Police say they were forced to shoot and kill a 100 pound pit bull after it attacked officers and an Everett K-9 last night.
Everett Police Sgt. Ryan Dalberg tells me police were assisting Everett Firefighters with an investigation into a fire in the 3200 block of Rucker last night shortly before 11:00pm. Dalberg gave me the following account…An Everett K-9 officer and his dog were doing a search for suspects in relation to the fire call when they came across a man and woman in an alley near the fire scene. The man was holding the harness of the pit bull. Police say the man was confrontational with officers and they advised him they were going to arrest him for obstructing an officer. They asked the man to give the dog to the woman, which he did. When officers tried to physically take the man into custody there was a physical struggle between the man and officers and the pit bull broke free from the woman and attacked the Everett Police K-9 and the K-9 officer. A taser was fired at the Pit Bull with no effect and the K-9 officer was bit in the thigh. He fired one shot at the pit bull which continued to attack officers chasing one officer up onto the hood of his car. Officers fired at the put bull, hitting it multiple times and killing it. The Everett K-9 officer was taken to an Everett hospital for treatment of his bite wounds and his K-9 was treated at the vet for bites as well. Sgt. Dalberg says both are expected to recover. The man, in his 50s from Arlington was booked into the Snohomish County Jail for investigation of felony assault. Everett Police Major Crime Detectives are investigating the incident. Sgt. Dalberg tells me that because shots were fired at an animal, no officers are on paid administrative leave and the investigation can be handled within the Everett Police Department and not require an outside agency such as the SMART team which investigations officer involved shootings resulting in the death of humans. Dalberg wouldn’t say how many officers fired at the pit bull. I’m waiting for an update from Everett Fire regarding the fire at 32nd and Rucker that led to the original call.

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14 Responses to “Everett Police Shoot and Kill Pit Bull After Taser Fails to Stop Attack on Officers”

  1. Brandon Says:

    Well Daniel you should see my pit. He weighs just over 100 pounds and has never done weight training in his life. But if he did he would easily weigh over 150 pounds. He is a beast. He is the reason they made the beware of dog sign lol.

  2. Brandon Says:

    Pits can get that big. I have an American red nose pitbull and he is just over a 100 pounds and its all muscle.

  3. daniel Says:

    I have a american pit and we do weight pulls with him and he weighs 109 pounds and ive only seen 3 other pitts in my life that weigh that

  4. WhatWhat Says:

    I’m going to agree that it was either not 100 pounds or wasn’t actually a pit bull. There are a lot of people who will call any dog with a slightly square head a pit. I don’t blame the officer for shooting it… It’s unfortunate that it’s yet another case of someone owning a dog they obviously aren’t able to control. Doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have, if you don’t properly train the thing it will cause trouble. Just so happens that there are a lot of people who will get pits for the “tough” factor and end up causing more headlines degrading an otherwise respectable breed.

  5. maggie Says:

    It probably weighed 60# before he was filled with lead.

  6. RedMystique Says:

    Don’t hate on the breed. ALL dogs need to have educated owners and need to go through training – both for the owners and the dogs. Ultimately, it is how the dog owner trains and treats his or her dog that determines whether the dog is aggressive or obedient. Pit bull and some other breeds that are more active need to have a very strong pack leader. In this situation, it really sounds like the dog was protecting his owner, who he thought was being attacked. A dog certainly doesn’t recognize a police officer from any ordinary human being.

  7. John Says:

    I didn’t know it was a crime to be confrontational with Police? They didn’t like his attitude and so they decide to arrest him? Over zealous cops once again.

  8. LoveDogs Says:

    Although I do not blame the pit bull for what it did, I do not think they should be allowed as pets without a license.

    Owners of pit bulls should have to go through intense training on how to properly care and control this type of animal.

    Regardless of how sweet they may be towards their owners, they are by nature an aggressive animal and are designed by nature to kill.

    I also think that owners who do not properly control their aggressive breeds need to be held legally and financially responsible for any damage and/or injuries their animals cause.

  9. Bill Says:

    The weight of the dog may have been sensationalized slightly, but just about everything else in this article was understated. This incident escalated VERY quickly into a near riot with dogs barking, the police and suspects yelling at each other, tasers being fired multiple times and then ultimately 7 or 8 gunshots from the police to finally stop the attack. I can honestly say I’ve never witnessed anything like it.

    Does anyone know if the man and woman were suspects in the fire down the street or if they were the people that had been equating in that (abandoned) house before the fire? The fire department pulled a burning mattress out of the house (which is still laying in the front yard) so one can only speculate as to whether the cause of the was arson or drug-related…

  10. Happymoogman Says:

    Another defender of pit bulls. Pit bull lovers are an interesting breed.
    My wife’s best friend was just killed by her pit bull. And SHE was a defender of pit bull’s and member of BAD RAP. It goes on an on.


  11. Sasquatch Says:

    I highly doubt the pitbull was 100 pounds. Pits generally range in the 40-60lb range. A 100 pounder would be very rare, and most likely a mixed breed dog.

    More likely the weight has been sensationalized like most things about these dogs. It’s too bad the officer was attacked, it’s too bad the officers dog was attacked. I don’t fault the officers for killing the dog either. It’s unfortanate that the dog was put in the position to feel like it needed to protect it’s pack leader.

    • Duffey Says:

      I’m sure if I was @ the receiving end of a pit bull I would not wait around to have it weighed.


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