Lynnwood Attorney Threatens Everett With Legal Action Over Water Fluoridation

July 28, 2011

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Will Everett be sued over fluoride in the drinking water?

Lynnwood attorney James Robert Deal was back in front of the Everett City Council yesterday arguing against the practice of putting fluoride into the city’s water supply. Since 1992, the city of Everett has been adding 1 milligram per liter of fluoride to the city’s Spada Lake reservoir. That level was reduced to .08 milligrams per liter earlier this year following a recommendation by the US Department of Health and Human Services and the State Health Department. At recent city council meetings, attorney Deal and supporters of the effort to remove fluoride from Everett’s water supply have spoken before the council. Deal has also launched a website about the issue. During yesterday’s Everett City Council meeting Dr. Gary Goldbaum, Health Officer for the Snohomish Health District spoke out in favor of Everett’s fluoridation program, calling it an important health and safety measure. The head of Everett’s Community Health Center’s Dental program also spoke out in favor of the fluoridation program, while Everett City Council member Paul Roberts, noted he had extensively studied fluoridation in water supplies while serving as public works director for the City of Marysville. Roberts said Everett’s water supply is one of the healthiest in the nation. The practice of putting fluoride in Everett’s water was not even on the City Council agenda but anti-fluoride activists have promised to vigorously pursue the issue. Here’s an explanation from the City of Everett about why it adds fluoride to the city’s water supply.
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5 Responses to “Lynnwood Attorney Threatens Everett With Legal Action Over Water Fluoridation”

  1. Audrey Says:

    Many thanks to Mr. Deal for fighting this cause. To those of us dealing with a family member with fluoride hypersensitivity, he’s a hero. You can’t imagine what it’s like trying to avoid fluoridated water! Common filters don’t filter the fluoride out and public water is used for thousands of food and beverage products. Think peanut allergy—didn’t seem possible 20 years ago, but now schools need special classrooms for kids with allergies because breathing peanut fumes can cause a fatal reaction for some. Well, my guy is so hypersensitive to fluoride, even the tiniest amounts (such as the 0.8ppm currently added), that he cannot even shower in fluoridated water without suffering terribly. I know a woman who reacts even worse to fluoride than my son does. I am less reactive to fluoridated water—I only get a bothersome red itchy rash. But regardless of whether fluoridated water causes a rash or a full-blown migraine like my son, we shouldn’t be required to take somebody else’s medicine. There is no drug that is absolutely safe for everyone and that’s why drugs to treat teeth don’t belong in the water any more than little blue drops for ED do. My family has a right to un-medicated water. Everybody else who wants fluoride can take pink pills or eat fluoridated toothpaste. I want my tap water FREE OF TOXIC CHEMICAL ADDITIVES. What gives any government the right to add drugs to the water, especially when that drug has never even been approved by the FDA? I’m angry and tired of the senselessness. So thank you, Mr. Deal, for sticking up for folks like my son.

  2. jwillie6 Says:

    Many large studies show fluoridation is totally ineffective in improving tooth decay. THe World Health Organization studied 16 countries and showed fluoride is of no value.
    Local politicians take a great interest in their budgets, and so they should be informed of the following facts. I am a Civil Engineer, so I am very familiar with community water systems.
    Fluoridation not only causes cancer, brittle bones, etc., (see but is an absolute waste of tax money. People drink only 1/2% (one-half percent) of the water they use.

    For example, for every $1000 of fluoride chemical added to water, $995 would be directly wasted down the drain in toilets, showers, dishwashers, etc., $5 would be consumed in water by the people, and less than $0.50 (fifty cents) would be consumed by children, the target group. If you doubt any of this, check with your water department.

    That would be comparable to taking 1 gallon of milk, using six-and-one-half drops of it, and pouring the rest of the gallon in the sink.

    Can you think of a more wasteful government program? Giving away fluoride tablets free to anyone who wants them would be far cheaper and certainly more ethical.

    • Dazzlespace Says:

      Teabaggers go home. Better yet, stop off at the public library (unless you teabaggers have shut them all already and burned the books) and get you a nice textbook on science and have a little read. You will learn sooo much! Like the Earth is a sphere, not flat… and the moon is not cheese at all! You will learn about the tides, why they go in and out… and why leeches and bleeding people were poor examples of medicine.


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