Marijuana Farmer’s Market Pulled From Everett at Last Minute

July 13, 2011

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NW Cannabis Market feels un-welcome in Everett

It was all set for last Saturday and Sunday at the Lowell Artworks Building (the former Labor Hall) in Everett’s Historic Lowell Neighborhood. 25 vendors offering medical marijuana information, doctors available to diagnose and issue medical marijuana authorizations, classes on cooking and growing plus more. Organized by Altai Mountain Organics and advertised online and in half page ads in alternative newspapers the event was cancelled at the last-minute. Why? According to “Mike” (last name declined), who spoke with me this morning when I called the Northwest Cannabis Market’s phone number, between 4:00pm and 5:00pm last Friday the city of Everett became concerned about the impact a high volume of traffic for the event would have on the Lowell neighborhood and advised the building’s landlord that they would enforce a traffic nuisance law. (Again, according to Mike), the landlord then asked them to postpone the event until they could work out those issues. That meant contacting and cancelling the vendors and making a decision on whether to try again or forget holding a medical marijuana farmer’s market in Everett and stay in King County.

Would a cannabis farmer’s market draw too much traffic to Lowell?

Mike tells me the co-op is just trying to help the people who use medical marijuana in Everett, Snohomish County and other north-end areas have a safe place to purchase medical marijuana and learn about it proper use. He’s trying to overcome the perception of people sitting around smoking joints and wants to educate people on the advances in vaporless and edible products. With over 600 patients, they need a secure place but with the recent change of heart by Everett in welcoming the farmer’s market and moratorium on medical marijuana from Snohomish County and other area cities, the co-op feels unwelcome in this area and will likely try to find a warehouse or other secure facility in Seattle or King County to hold the farmer’s market. He says his group has no problem with taxing and regulating the use of marijuana but can’t move forward to help people due to the mixed signals the various local governments are sending. Currently I can’t find that Everett has a moratorium on medical marijuana dispensaries. It will be interesting to see if this recent brush with a medical marijuana farmer’s market opening in Everett changes that. 

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