New Strip Club set for West Side of Everett’s Paine Field Hopes to Open July 1st

June 11, 2011

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Black Pearl hopes to open July 1st at 10809 Mukilteo Speedway

He’s tried a Card Room, Mini-Casino, Karaoke, Teen Club, Live Music, Free Pool, Darts and Happy Hour Specials but local Everett Businessman Robert J. Noriega has yet to find the formula for success at his place on the west side of Paine Field. Next up, The Black Pearl, a strip club that he hopes will allow him to recover his investment in the property. I had a chance to sit down with Robert this afternoon and found him open, engaging and very upfront about the many different ways he’s tried to make a go of it since opening The Pointe After in 2009. He tells me he’s no stranger to west Everett and Mukilteo, raising a family and coaching at the Mukilteo Boys and Girls Club for the past sixteen years. Having exhausted most of the uses for the building, he says he plans on removing the liquor and beer and serving only non-alcoholic drinks. He built a stage, is applying for all of the necessary permits and plans to run a clean upscale club. He’s looking for a professional manager and while he knows that some people in Mukilteo will likely be outraged that a strip club is opening across the city-county line, he hasn’t received support from enough of the residents to make any of the other forms of entertainment he’s tried, profitable. Over the years there have been a string of businesses in that location that have come and gone. From its time decades ago as a tavern called Soft Sam’s, to then Big Sam’s and then a few other variations before undergoing a major remodel and becoming Cartwright’s American Broiler. Most recently it was Cherry Blossom Thai and Sushi before it became the Pointe After Casino and finally, the Pointe After Lounge, It does appear the location has been practically everything but a strip club.

Since it’s located in unincorporated Snohomish County, and fits within their zoning rules for adult entertainment, Noriega says there is little Mukilteo or Everett can do to stop the club. He tells me he’ll be a good neighbor, employer and local business owner. So the question becomes…Since its a legally permitted business under local laws and given the area’s economy, don’t we need all the local business owners we can get? Including legal strip clubs that are complying with zoning rules and all applicable laws? Plus the State and Snohomish County can really use the taxes and licensing fees the Black Pearl will generate. Good luck Mr. Noriega, it should be interesting to watch what happens.
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16 Responses to “New Strip Club set for West Side of Everett’s Paine Field Hopes to Open July 1st”

  1. Muk Native Says:

    There is hope and activity at this location again! My favorite pizza place Lombardos is moving out of the shopping center it has been in for almost as long as I remember, and setting up shop there.I think if anyone can make it there they can. I know I will do my part to support this family owned business. It’s really a no brainer. Their pizza is the best around by far! Good luck Lombardos!

  2. Ex Employee Says:

    I love the part about Him being a good employer .. That’s a joke!!! The reason his business failed is because : He treated his staff like dirt, changed business plans every other day, he still owes most of the people that worked for him large sums of back pay, more worried about appearance then willing to get down and do hard work , sexual harassment , the list goes on …. as far as wishing him success it would only be so me and my ex coworkers could maybe see some of the money we worked so hard for!!! He doesn’t even live in Mukilteo like he claims .. He just uses his ex wife’s address.

  3. tj Says:

    How about a quality aviation themed restaurant?

    • myeverettnews Says:

      Thanks for the comment. My suggestion for that site would be a farmer’s market with fresh veggies, fruits, flowers and even fish. Just my 2 cents.

  4. Anna Says:

    Its amazing how close minded you people are. For a liberal state who’s biggest city was not only based upon but also financially backed by the “sex industry” ( a madam in Seattle backed the banks so it could rebuild ) , the citizens only see what they want to. Strip clubs don’t hurt people, its not all sex, drugs and rock and roll; no more than the guy working next to you or your neighbor. Its a healthy outlet for people who lack social skills, men who could possibly pray on your daughters and a place to have a good time. I danced for years and am proud of that, its gotten me through hard times, payed for my children ( not the state ) and financed my education ( Spanish translating and social services certifications). Do some research, meet some actual dancers, yeah some do drugs, but so do your high school age kids, but most are hard working moms, college students and overall good people.

    • Dwiggit Says:

      Anna I agree with your statement about people being closed minded. The only reason why opposed to the idea is because they are a narrow minded bunch that lack proper knowledge as with anything that mainstream media feeds to the public. I do agree with some of their point about location and appearance as those two are a few of the biggest factors for a business to succeed. That in which can be fixed with proper marketing. Also the things most people do not really understand that the sex industry is one of the oldest if not the oldest industry that there is in all of human history so for people to berate this guy’s attempt just to try and help the economy in which one will boost overall city income which can put towards other projects such as places for children to play or go to so that they can wither away at the current problem of drug use and other such issues. On top of all this give another place of employment for those who need jobs. Not to mention The city of Everett has hardly capitalized on its military population other than alcohol not to mention they would also be attracting customers from Whidbey island as well as other smaller towns around the city of Everett. Not to mention this type of business is one of Seattle’s larger cash cows for city income whether they admit to it or not.

  5. Everett Native Says:

    The bizarre Random Capitalization was far too annoying to get through even the first paragraph, much less the writer (obviously not a journalist) constantly referring to themselves, so I had to skip to the comments. Which, by the way, are much higher quality writing and not at all obnoxious.

    Anyway, from the comments it’s obvious this type of business isn’t welcome here, which is why it and its predecessors are doomed to failure. Hopefully it’ll fail as quickly as all the others that have floundered at that location.

  6. Joe Says:

    What a bunch of hypocrites see what we have in a five mile radius of this place.
    At least 5 different “massage parlors” places where a happy ending is the norm, several adult book (porn toy) shops. Oh and not least of which is a High Class swingers club which has been in operation for a couple of decades. And you’re worried about a strip club.

  7. Randy B Says:

    Any business requires customers, I really cant imagine why anyone with a half a brain would think that an non-family oriented business would have a chance in this area.
    Even suggesting that we need the taxes is an insult. That like saying a fireman needs a house to catch on fire!


  8. Mark Says:

    Mr Noriega seems to put blame on the Mukilteo residents for not supporting his different attempts at buisness. The reason his buisness is failing, is the same reason every other buisness failed there. The location and the appearance of the building. Would a smart buisness man buy and locate his buisness where everyone else has failed? Cut your losses.

  9. Debi Says:

    With Casino Road being the hub for prostitution in the area I think Mr. Noriega ought to have a chance for success with his latest adventure. Does owning such a business really make you anything different? Glad he plans on being a “good neighbor” . Hmm with neighbors like him…. Please take your losses and move on.

  10. Cherri Says:

    The last thing I wish for Mr Noriega is success Is this the first step in the County’s plan for a sleezy new airport complex??

  11. Greg Says:

    Really? You want to wish a “business owner” good luck for a strip club business because every other venture at this location has failed? You want to say good luck to the same kind of business that usually attracts prostitution, fights, drugs, etc.? We might have to allow it legally, but we don’t have to sanction it morally. So I don’t wish him well.


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