16 Year-olds Shooting 17 Year-olds Don’t Represent Everett…These kids do.

May 18, 2011

Everett Government

15 kids honored with Mayor's Youth Achievement Awards

11 year old Darby Joy Coleman (in red) was one of 15 kids honored with a Mayor's Achievement award

While Tuesday night all of the TV stations and other area media covered a 16 year old shooting a 17 year old in south Everett, there were no TV cameras Wednesday night as 15 Everett area kids were honored by Everett Mayor Ray Stephenson and the Everett City Council with the Mayor’s Youth Achievement Awards.

The goal of the awards is to emphasize the positive achievements of the city’s young people by recognizing those who have distinguished themselves in such areas as community service, politics, arts and entertainment, academics, athletics, citizenship and/or who have overcome obstacles to accomplish their goals.
Awards were presented to:
Andrea Marie Frye
Darby Joy Coleman
Tessa Pimentel
Linzy Collison-Ris
Rachel Eve Carey
Brandan Gelo
Danielle Monteiro
Samantha Loch
KeiVarae Russell
Amanda LeeAnn Cline
Janell Louise Braxton
Sophi Vidal Tomaszewski
Annie Manhardt
Allison Weir
Antonio Pruitt

These are the kids who really represent Everett. They’ve risen above numerous challenges and obstacles. They deserve the coverage more than the ones who just pull a trigger. As a journalist in the real world I know that if it bleeds it leads but the media also has to make just as big a deal when kids like these are honored. Just my two cents.

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