Downtown Everett Parking Update. It’s Not the Re-Parkers, It’s the Time Zone Violators

April 6, 2011

Downtown Everett

Last year Everett Police wrote 10,000 tickets for time zone violations and only 374 for "re-parking"

The Everett City Council got an update tonight on the parking situation downtown. Everett Police Lt. Jim Phillips told the Council that in 2010 there were 10,000 tickets written for exceeding the 90 minute time limit and only 374 written for “re-parking”. He told the council that parking enforcement officers are specifically instructed to make sure the person they are writing a “re-parking” ticket to is either a student attending school, or an employee of a downtown business and if they can’t confirm that, then they can’t write a “re-parking” ticket. They can and do, however, write lots and lots of time zone violations. The City’s Master Parking Plan calls for the hiring of a downtown Parking Manager in 2012 and a parking advisory committee after that.

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