City Council Members Blast Everett TV…Too Much Mayor, Not Enough Gov’t in Action

April 4, 2011

Everett Government

City could give back $25.00 to every cable household and still have plenty of money to meet needs for 10 years

In a guest commentary printed in the Daily Herald yesterday, Everett City Council members Brenda Stonecipher and Drew Nielsen cited several issues with how Everett TV, the city’s cable channel on Comcast and Frontier, operates. They had three major issues, The process by which a budget request for capital improvements jumped by $158,000.00 above the low bid. The programming policy, in which only 17 percent of the programming over a 30 day time period featured public meetings, while the Mayor’s monthly interviews with Kate Reardon commanded 61 percent of the airtime. The taxing policy that funds the channel’s capital expenses and collects $1.00 per month from all cable subscribers in the Everett City limits. That generates about $30,000.00 per month with a current balance of 1.7 million dollars that can’t be used for operating the TV channel but only capital improvements.
The two council members are recommending that the current budget request be shelved and a new plan developed for Everett TV. We’ve been writing about this since March 4th, type Everett TV in the search box above to see additional articles.

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