How Big of a Mistake Did Comcast Arena Make in Booking Charlie Sheen?

April 2, 2011

Downtown Everett

While the official contest is over, the "Charity Not Charlie" spirit remains, Please make a donation to a local charity in honor of Charlie's opening night flame-out so at least something positive comes of this.

Sheen gets booed big time , Here’s a review of his opening night performance from the Detroit Free Press According to reports, his two goddesses were kissing, two adult entertainers sang the national anthem, he ran a bunch of video clips and tried to defend himself as the crowd was booing and asking for refunds. Here’s an excerpt from a review shortly after the show from the Hollywood Reporter,

“Sheen then asked the audience what they wanted to hear. He shot down someone’s suggestion of AA stories, calling it boring, and promised to talk about crack instead.

“I figured Detroit was a good place to tell crack stories,” he quipped.

Loud boos and shouts of “You suck!” throughout the disastrous affair eventually caused Sheen to retort, “Already got your f—ing money, dude.”

It will be interesting to find out what kind of guarantee Comcast Arena put up to get the show. Tickets in Everett are not selling well and after the reviews of his opening night show, whoever does the booking for Everett’s Premier Entertainment Facility may want to avoid going after any more “Adult Entertainment.” By the way, I thought you couldn’t have 18 and over adult entertainment in downtown Everett, that there were limited zoning areas that were way out on the edge of town for that kind of thing…

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One Response to “How Big of a Mistake Did Comcast Arena Make in Booking Charlie Sheen?”

  1. Jackie Says:

    My wife said, “What did those who people who paid for tickets think they were getting!?”