Everett Salary Review Commission – No Raises Since 2008, None Until 2013

March 22, 2011

Everett Government

Only two people spoke at the Public Hearing held by the Everett Salary Review Commission yesterday. Both said they wanted to adjust the salaries of council members based on the way they were performing on the job. That won’t be happening as the commission sets the salaries for the position, not the person. Elected office holders haven’t had an approved raise since 2008 and the way the proposal reads now they have no chance of getting a raise until 2013 when the most they could get is 3.6 percent, based on the cost of living index. So far, no elected officials and only two citizens have made comments to the commission. The public comment period is now open and you can make your feelings known in person at the next meeting of the Salary Review Commission, Thursday April 21st at 6:00pm in the Wall Street Building. You can also send your comments in writing by e-mailing them to Kate Reardon at the City of Everett.
By the way I mentioned in an earlier post that I’d get you the names of those serving on the Everett Citizens Commission on Salaries of Elected Officials, they are: Larry Jubie, Gigi Burke, C.J. Ebert, Andrea Wells-Edwards, Chris Hoiby, Chuck Patton and Morrie Trautman. The commission still isn’t listed on the City’s Website, but at least we now know it does exist with real people making the decisions.

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