Everett TV Saga Gets Bigger, 1.7 Million Dollars Sitting Unspent as Cable Providers Collect $30,000.00 a Month From Everett Cable Customers

March 17, 2011

Everett Government

What exactly are Everett Cable Customers paying $30,000.00 a month for?

I’ve been writing about Everett TV for some time and several interesting things were revealed in a briefing to the Everett City Council last night.

The City has no idea how many people are watching Everett TV.

For eight years, Everett City Council Presidents have been invited to participate on Everett TV and not one of them has ever accepted the offer.

City Council members were visibly shocked when it was revealed that there was 1.7 million dollars in the Everett Cable TV Capital Expenditure Fund.

Even with 1.7 million dollars in the capital fund, there is no extra money to spend on the operational side.

There is no cap on the amount of money cable companies can collect from Everett customers.

There is a difference in an RFP (request for proposals) and a Bid. The RFP is a competitive negotiation where the final result can greatly exceed the initial estimate by more than a hundred thousand dollars.

There is no current business plan or outline for future operations that the council can easily reference.

Council President Shannon Affholter asked the city administration to put together another briefing in a couple of weeks and then the council would take action on the funding requests. In the meantime, I’d bet several council members will be checking out Everett TV and all it actually offers both to cable customers as well as online.

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