Everett Gets Washington State’s First Bikini Bar and Grill

February 18, 2011

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Jodie's Drink Bikini Bar and Grill in Everett claims to be the State's first bikini bar.

Very Hot Girls with Very Little Clothing. That’s how owner Jodie Spencer describe’s Jodie’s Drink at 1817 Broadway in Everett. Open for 7 months, Jodie’s Drink is taking the theme of bikini clad baristas and transferring that to her Bar and Grill. She’d talked about it on The Men’s Room on KISW Radio last month and now there’s a sign on the roof thanking them for the publicity. (click here to listen to the interview it starts about 4 and a half minutes in and goes for about five minutes and contains language some may find objectionable). Since I was in north Everett this morning, (more on that tomorrow), I dropped in and talked with her about how things were going. She said reaction had been mixed with some people liking it and others not so much. Her bartenders wear bikini bottoms and they used to wear pasties on top but apparently the liquor board put a stop to that so they have string bikini tops. She stressed that its not a strip club, there are no table dances just cheap drinks and food. She said her background is in strip clubs and her family had been involved with several in the Everett area over the years. She told me things here are going so good that she is scouting for three or four more locations outside of Everett. She said there are lots of rules, no cameras allowed and don’t try and take a picture with your cell phone. They open at 9am for breakfast with food, drink and bikinis all the way until 2am. With the explosion of Bikini Barista stands popping up all over Everett it will be interesting to see if more Bars will follow this trend.

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7 Responses to “Everett Gets Washington State’s First Bikini Bar and Grill”

  1. Crystal Says:

    The link to the website above is not linked to the Bar.

  2. scarlett Says:

    There has been a shooting which was covered up by the owner because her window was the only casualty and then the other window succumbed to a punch by one of her employees. The second incident was not reported and I am not sure what happened with the first because she threw away all the bullet casings. Sounds like a responsible owner to me. There are also several fights and incidents of people being so drunk they fall over in front of her bar or pee on the side of her building. Is this really an image that Everett wants to present on a busy street like Broadway?

  3. Michael Says:

    Stopped by to check it out at 8pm on Saturday only to find a male bartender and a couple people. Very small, and not a woman in sight. I’m supposed to meet some friends there on Friday, but after checking it out tonight I might change the location of our guys night out..

  4. Mark Says:

    Frankie’s Bar and Grill in Olympia, Wa was doing Bikini Bartenders over a year ago. They actually quit doing it a few months ago…

    I know I’m late to this post, but just wanted to point out that they weren’t first in the state!

  5. Ricardo Says:

    Cheap pbr . Didn’t see the ‘very hot girls’

    • Jodie Says:

      Thats ok they were hiding from you…

    • chadsgal Says:

      I think the place should be closed down . I have a friend who use to work there and I have heard some nasty things about the women who work there . They are there to serve people alcohol . Not to flirt with the men who come in there .