Anchor Tavern Just one of 28 Places to Eat and Drink on Hewitt Ave. between the Waterfront and Riverfront in Everett

February 5, 2011

Downtown Everett

The Anchor Pub is just one of 28 places to get a bite and a brew on Hewitt Ave. in Everett

I saw Owen Lei’s story on KING 5 TV about the owners of the Anchor Tavern getting a suprise anchor dropped off at their front door Friday morning and it made me think about how many establishments there are just on Hewitt. Back in the day, when you turned 21 in Everett, it was tradition to stop in each place on Hewitt and have a drink. I decided to count how many places that would be today and found 28 different places that serve both food and alcohol. I didn’t count Comcast Arena as they aren’t open regularly and I didn’t count any of the places that didn’t have a liquor license. Here are the 28 places I came up with…Anchor Pub 1001 Hewitt, Bobby’s Hawaiian 1011 Hewitt, Nakorn Thai 1105 Hewit, Soundview Bar 1116 Hewitt, Marimba! 1405 Hewitt, Majestic Cafe 1409 Hewitt, Prohibition Grill 1414 Hewitt, Scrubs Sports Bar 1416 Hewitt, Vintage Cafe 1508 Hewitt, Tony V’s Garage 1712 Hewitt, Hayley’s Bar 1716 Hewitt, Tracey’s Place 1707 Hewitt, Sidekicks 1709 Hewitt, Daddy’s Kitchen 1717 Hewitt, Taco Del Mar 1723 Hewitt, Balefire 1801 Hewitt, Tailgator 1805 Hewitt, Hat Trick Pizza 1816 Hewitt, Curry Bistro 1907 Hewitt, Gorditos 1909 Hewitt, Brooklyn Borthers Pizza 1919 Hewitt, Thai Gusto 2011 Hewitt, Turners 2015 Hewitt, Kozy Tavern 2718 Hewitt, Sojen Cellars 2818 Hewitt, Terracotta Red 2820 Hewitt, Buck’s American 2901 Hewitt, McCabes 3120 Hewitt. The diversity of places along Hewitt from the waterfront to the riverfront is amazing. My suggestion for doing the Hewitt run in this day and age would be to have a meal and a drink at one different place every Thursday night. It won’t be as busy as on the weekend, the owners will appreciate your business and you’ll avoid all of the issues that come with over-indulging plus you’ll be able to remember the place so you can tell your friends about it.

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