Please Don’t Give Guns to Car Thieves.

January 29, 2011


Officers and a K-9 search backyards in Central Everett after a high speed chase from Marysville into Everett

A wild police chase from Marysville into Everett this afternoon ends with two suspects at large and now they may have a gun. It apparently started when a car was stolen in South Everett late Saturday morning. In addition to calling police the owners apparently also notified On-Star who noticed the car was driving around Marysville. Marysville police spotted the car and gave chase across the flats into Everett. The chase continued on Broadway around the 41st street area and then ended when the driver crashed over an embankment at 43rd and Hoyt. The driver and passenger fled on foot. A K-9 unit was called in and that’s when the car’s owner advised police that there may have been a gun in the car at the time it was stolen. Police checked the car and no gun, so now instead of just a couple of joy riders at least one of the car thieves could be armed with a semi-automatic pistol. After an hour of searching, the suspects were never found. So my plea to handgun owners in Everett is, TAKE YOUR GUN WITH YOU. Don’t leave it in your car no matter what. Get a holster, get a concealed weapons permit and keep it with you. You have it for protection. It does not protect anything sitting in your car and now it could be in the hands of a crook. It’s stuff like this that causes gun owners to get a bad name. Keep your gun with you or get rid of it. Don’t leave it in your car. There I feel better that’s off my chest.

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