When It Comes To Economic Development Everett Kicks Butt!

January 26, 2011


Everett is kicking its way out of the economic downturn

Thank goodness for Everett City Councilman Ron Gipson. He just has a way of spicing up the usually boring City Council meetings and today he didn’t disappoint. Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson issued his Economic Development Report which listed four pages of accomplishments that the city has achieved over the past few years. During the comment period, City Councilwoman Brenda Stonecipher praised the work by the mayor’s committee but said she did not see a lot of new things in the work plan and wondered where were the new initatives? She said most of what she saw in the report had already been covered 8 years ago in the city’s vision team plan. When it came councilman Gipson’s turn to speak he said, “This city kicks butt when it comes to economic development!” He went on to say that most cities couldn’t come up with one page of accomplishments, let alone four and that he was thrilled with what Everett has done. You can see the Everett City Council meetings here on Everett TV.

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