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Machinists Voting Going Smoothly at Everett IAM 751Union Hall

December 7, 2011


All votes are done in person at the machinists hall. Voting ends at 6pm this evening

18,000 machinists are expected to cast their vote today at the IAM 751 Union Hall at Airport Road and Kasch Park Road across from the Everett Boeing Plant. Shortly before 6am I spoke with Mark Clark, a union member and site co-chair for voting.”The Everett Police are out here doing a gresat job with traffic control.” Clark said, “We have members helping with parking and lots of employees are walking over from the plant.” Clark told me the biggest crush will probably be between 10am and 3pm as employees vote on their way to and from 1st and 2nd shift as well as during lunch. The voting will continue at the Everett Hall until 6pm. Then the ballots will be taken to Seattle for counting with the other Union halls from the region. An announcement on the outcome is expected around 9pm this evening. if the union ratifies the contract the 737 Max will be made in Renton, there will be a $5000 bonus for machinist union members and annual raises but they will have to begin paying health care premiums.

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