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Spectacular Saturday Summer Sunrise in Everett, WA

August 2, 2014


Update:Sunday August 3rd: reader Jeff Katzer was nice enough to share a video he took of the same sunrise as it came up yesterday. Thank you Jeff for sharing…

Mt. Pilchuck Sunrise from Jeff Katzer on Vimeo.

Up late or early depending on your point of view, working on the Hewitt Avenue shooting story and decided to stick around for sunrise. Glad we did. Click photo to enlarge…

Everett Sunrise

The sun rising behind the Everett Boeing Plant

Everett sunrise

Great colors this morning

Aug 2nd

A unique cloud looking south across Paine Field

Everett Aug 2nd

Not sure the name of this type of cloud

Everett summer sun

A beautiful sunrise over Everett

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New Murals Going Up On Doors at Everett Boeing Plant

July 16, 2014


So far we can determine wings of two airplanes, not much else is clear as a new mural is being painted on the doors of the Boeing assembly plant in Everett, WA. We’ll let you know more when we hear. For now here are a few shots taken of the work so far. Click photos to enlarge and feel free to put your guesses as to the final look in our comments section below.

Boeing mural

A worker paints the background behind a winglet.

Boeing mural

Two workers way up in the upper left side of the mural.

Boeing mural

So far it looks like two wings, not sure what else will come. Feel free to put your guesses in our comments section.

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Stunning Sunrise at Silver Lake in South Everett

July 2, 2014


Thanks to Kristen Thorstenson at Safekeepers, LLC for this picture of sunrise over Everett’s Silver Lake this morning. Click photo to enlarge.

Silver Lake Sunrise

Photo credit: Kristen Thorstenson, Safekeepers, llc

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The First Everett Sunset of Summer

June 21, 2014

1 Comment

Saturday Sunset

Click to enlarge.

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A Colorful Friday Night Sunset Over The Everett Waterfront

June 6, 2014

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Stopped by Grand Avenue Park to catch the sunset over the Everett Waterfront. Here are a few pictures. Click on the photo to enlarge.

Everett Sunset

Everett, WA sunset

Everett Sunset

There’s nothing like an Everett, WA sunset.

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Everett Firefighter Extinguishes Badly Burned Beetle

February 20, 2014


Here are some photos of Everett Firefighter Gary Long from Everett Fire Department’s Engine 1 putting out a fire that destroyed a VW Beetle at the 10th street boat launch shortly after 6pm Wednesday night…

VW Beetle Fire

Everett car fire

VW fire Gary Long

VW on fire

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Eagles Pay A President’s Day Visit to Legion Memorial in Everett

February 17, 2014


Eagles 7
Eagles 6

2 eagles

A pair of eagles at the north end of Legion Memorial on President’s Day. (click to enlarge)

Took these shots of a pair of eagles watching golfers at Legion Memorial Golf Course in north Everett. They seemed unimpressed…

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