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Windstorm Batters An Everett Santa, But So Far No Major Damage Reported

December 11, 2014


Santa is down

The inflatable Santa at Hyundai of Everett took a bit of a hit in the wind. This photo sure was a hit on Twitter.

Santa Down pic

The 1st look at “Santa Down” that caught my eye.

So far, 62 miles per hour is the highest wind gust recorded at Paine Field in south Everett during tonight’s wind storm. There have been reports of a couple of trees across cars and roadways and a tree laying on the roof of an empty house in central Everett. One minor casualty…he’s tied down really well but the Toys for Tots inflatable Santa at Hyundai of Everett took a bit of a hit. Power outages were really scattered around Everett and PUD crews have been scrambling. Again so far no reports of major damage or injury. We’ll let you know if we hear of anything.

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Career Firefighter Uses Fire Hose To Propose

October 5, 2014

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Proposal 1

Will You Marry Me and a heart constructed with retired fire hose make up an unusual proposal in south Everett.

Usually the training facility at Fire District 1 headquarters in south Everett is a place of excitement with drills being conducted by firefighters from throughout the region. Sunday morning it was a place of joy as a District 1 firefighter found an unusual way to propose. Jaret Vosburgh has been a firefighter for 10 years. He currently works out of Station 23 at Serene Lake. A few years ago he met Cindy Carro at Shawn O’Donnell’s in south Everett. She was working there and he thought she was cute so he wrote his name and phone number on one of the bills he left her as a tip. “Thought it would be an unusual way to try to meet her,” said Vosburgh. His phone never rang. Two years later he received a text from Cindy asking if he remembered leaving the bill. He says he thought it was a prank from fellow firefighters even when she offered to meet him at a local coffee shop. He showed up, she brought the bill and they have been dating ever since. Vosburgh says he knew wanted his marriage proposal to Carro to be memorable. He went through a few ideas and came up with spelling out his intentions in old fire hose that was at the training facility. His bosses at Fire District 1 approved the idea so this morning his friends and family helped lay out the old fire hose to spell out “Will You Marry Me?” with a bouquet of flowers as the finishing touch on the question mark. Earlier in the week he’d invited Cindy to take a ride in the bucket of a reserve ladder truck as a new experience for her to check out the view and get an idea of what he sees when at work. When she arrived Sunday morning their friends and family were hidden inside the training tower. Jaret took her up in the bucket and when he turned it around there was the fire hose proposal complete with flowers. She said yes, friends and came out of the tower and one of the more unusual engagements in the Everett area was complete. Below are some of the pictures of the morning’s event. Click photos to enlarge.

proposal pic 2

The layout begins to take shape.

proposal 2

Layout getting closer

proposal 3

Cindy Carro’s reaction

proposal 4

Jaret Vosburgh’s reaction

proposal 5

The newly engaged couple.

proposal 6

The friends and family that made it happen.

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Everett Hyundai Dealer Selling $70,000.00 Used Car

September 25, 2014


37 Packard

Would you buy a $70,000.00 used car?

37 Packard

Hyundai of Everett owner Gary Micallef

37 Packard

A look at the bank robbery mini mural

The mural is on both running boards

The mural is on both running boards

37 Packard

If you look close you can see the mini mural on the running board

Drive south on Evergreen Way and you can’t miss it. Right there in the revolving display case in front of Hyundai of Everett. Painted bright V.W. bug green. It’s not a Hyundai, but a 1937 Packard. Owner Gary Micallef says he picked up the car about 10 years ago at Hot August Nights in Reno, NV. It’s not a classic restoration but a custom rebuild with a 350 LT1 engine, 700R4 transmission and custom interior. There’s also a historical lesson painted onto the running boards of the car. Reportedly the car had been used in a bank robbery in its long-ago past. The man who restored it found bullet holes throughout and when he repainted the car he incorporated a mini mural of the post bank robbery chase into the running boards along each side of the car. Micallef says he has not been able to authenticate the story but the mini-mural is a nice touch. If you have an interest in acquiring the Packard contact Gary Micallef at Hyundai of Everett. The address is 7800 Evergreen Way and the phone number is 425-374-0180.

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Spectacular Saturday Summer Sunrise in Everett, WA

August 2, 2014


Update:Sunday August 3rd: reader Jeff Katzer was nice enough to share a video he took of the same sunrise as it came up yesterday. Thank you Jeff for sharing…

Mt. Pilchuck Sunrise from Jeff Katzer on Vimeo.

Up late or early depending on your point of view, working on the Hewitt Avenue shooting story and decided to stick around for sunrise. Glad we did. Click photo to enlarge…

Everett Sunrise

The sun rising behind the Everett Boeing Plant

Everett sunrise

Great colors this morning

Aug 2nd

A unique cloud looking south across Paine Field

Everett Aug 2nd

Not sure the name of this type of cloud

Everett summer sun

A beautiful sunrise over Everett

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New Murals Going Up On Doors at Everett Boeing Plant

July 16, 2014


So far we can determine wings of two airplanes, not much else is clear as a new mural is being painted on the doors of the Boeing assembly plant in Everett, WA. We’ll let you know more when we hear. For now here are a few shots taken of the work so far. Click photos to enlarge and feel free to put your guesses as to the final look in our comments section below.

Boeing mural

A worker paints the background behind a winglet.

Boeing mural

Two workers way up in the upper left side of the mural.

Boeing mural

So far it looks like two wings, not sure what else will come. Feel free to put your guesses in our comments section.

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Stunning Sunrise at Silver Lake in South Everett

July 2, 2014


Thanks to Kristen Thorstenson at Safekeepers, LLC for this picture of sunrise over Everett’s Silver Lake this morning. Click photo to enlarge.

Silver Lake Sunrise

Photo credit: Kristen Thorstenson, Safekeepers, llc

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The First Everett Sunset of Summer

June 21, 2014

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Saturday Sunset

Click to enlarge.

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