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Henry M. Jackson High School Senior Wins Walthall Award

February 13, 2014


Got another one of those press releases you like to see from the Everett School District today…

Viante' Dile-Basnight

Janice Green presents Viante Dile-Basnight with the Shirley Walthall Youth Leadership Award winner for 2013-14.

Last month, Henry M. Jackson High School senior Viante Dile-Basnight was selected as the Snohomish County Branch NAACP (SCB NAACP) Shirley Walthall Youth Leadership Award winner for 2013-14.

“The SCB NAACP Shirley Walthall Student Leadership Award is awarded to one of our Students of the Month,” explained branch president, Janice Greene.

“It was a very short discussion as Viante made such an impact on our membership present. We were proud to award the Shirley Walthall Student Leadership Award to Viante.”

“He is a student with quiet reserve yet powerful influence on his surrounding environment,” said Connie Sperry, his counselor at Henry M. Jackson High School.

“Students seem to feel safe in his presence, both academically and socially, knowing he will not judge them but will accept their individual uniqueness with respect of who each is as a person. He is a natural leader exhibiting a gentle and positive demeanor with a confident presence that permeates the social climate around him. Viante seems to epitomize someone who is “comfortable in his own skin” and pursues his academics with a focused vigor.”

Since freshman year, Viante has taken both honors and Advanced Placement classes. He has volunteered as a Link Crew leader helping incoming freshmen acclimate to high school life. He was selected to participate in the Bank of America Leaders program held in Washington, DC. He has continued his leadership this year as Washington President of TSA (Technology Student Association), winning first place in various categories of competition and is also an officer for JHS Key Club, an organization focusing on community service, especially for children and youth programs.

Viante will be recognized at the Snohomish County Branch NAACP Freedom Fund Gala held on March 1, 2014 at 6 p.m. in the Comcast Arena Conference Center in Everett, WA.


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Carl Gipson to Celebrate 90th Birthday at Senior Center That Bears His Name

January 8, 2014


According to his son, Everett City Council member Ron Gipson, Carl Gipson still lives in the same 2 story house, still drives, still cooks for himself and is still quick to take you to the wood shed. He’s also turning 90 and there will be a party in his honor at the Carl Gipson Senior Center this Saturday. Here are the details…

Carl Gipson

The public is invited to honor Gipson this Saturday.

Former city councilman and longtime Everett resident Carl Gipson will celebrate his 90th birthday on Saturday, Jan. 11, at the senior center that bears his name. Gipson served more than 24 years as an Everett city councilman and dedicated his time and energy to many community organizations.

“You won’t find my dad’s greatest achievements in buildings or legislation passed as a city councilman, but in the lives of people he has touched,” said Carlton Gipson, Carl’s son. “From the day he set foot in Everett, he has served his community without the expectation of anything in return.”

Carl Gipson and his family moved to Everett in the early 1940s and he joined the city council in 1971. One of his proudest achievements on the council was bringing Medic One to Everett, said Ron Gipson, Carl’s youngest son and a current city councilman. He was always focused on helping Everett’s most vulnerable citizens, said Mayor Ray Stephanson.

“Carl has a heart for public service and for developing an inclusive, inviting community,” said Stephanson. “He is a natural leader and our entire region has benefited greatly from his many decades of service.”

In 2009, the senior center’s name was changed to the Carl Gipson Senior Center in honor of his dedication and service to the city. Ron said his father faced many challenges as the first African-American to be elected in Everett and only the second to be elected in the state, but always handled them with grace.

“He remains as genuine and gracious as the first day he came to Everett,” said Ron. “He was – and is – the consummate gentleman.”

Carlton and Ron are grateful that their father is still healthy and can continue to share his wisdom with his family and the community. “He has seen a lot of adversity in 90 years of living and as he tells his stories, I am awestruck at how positive he remained through it all,” said Carlton.

Public invited to birthday celebration

Community members are invited to celebrate with Carl Gipson and his family on Saturday. The party will take place from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Carl Gipson Senior Center, 3025 Lombard in Everett.

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Everett Community College Taps Former Nuclear Training Supervisor as Dean of Communication and Social Sciences

January 4, 2014


As winter quarter gets set to start on Monday we’ve received word of a former Navy man who’s been named a new dean at Everett Community College…

Eugene McAvoy

Eugene McAvoy. Photo courtesy Everett Community College.

Eugene McAvoy is Everett Community College’s new dean of the college’s Communication and Social Sciences division.
McAvoy, of Marysville, relocated from Pennsylvania where he was the dean of Academic Services and first year programs at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, Pa. Prior to that role, he was assistant dean of Integrated Studies, department head of Media Arts and an assistant professor of English at Pennsylvania College of Technology.
EvCC’s Communication and Social Sciences division includes anthropology, communication studies, early childhood education, education, English, geographic information systems (GIS), geography, global studies, history, humanities, the Nippon Business Institute, Northwest Language Center, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology and world languages classes.
Prior to working at Pennsylvania College of Technology, McAvoy was an English instructor at Old Dominion University and worked as a Nuclear Training Supervisor for Newport News Shipbuilding.
McAvoy has a master of fine arts in creative writing from Old Dominion University, a bachelor’s degree in literature in English and sociology from Excelsior College in New York. He also graduated first in his class from U.S. Navy Nuclear Power School in Orlando, Fla. and first in his class at Naval Nuclear Power Training Unit in Idaho Falls, Idaho.
Click here for more information about Everett Community College and their Communication and Social Sciences division.

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Fundraiser For Dad Who Dropped Son Out 2nd Story Window of Burning Everett Home

December 17, 2013


A father in one of the families affected by a fire on December 7th in north Everett has started an online fundraising campaign to try to recover from losing most everything they own. If you’d like to contribute you can do so by clicking here. Contributed funds go directly to the family and are not tax-deductible. Here, he says, is a bit of his story…

Rainier Fire 1

Rainier Fire 2 Nguyen Phong Trinh was born in Vietnam, his mother passed away giving birth to him, he never got to meet his father. So at the start of his life he lost everything he had, but thankfully his aunt was there to take care of him and raise him. In Vietnam they had hardships and had to make a choice to try and have a second chance in life and chose America. When Nguyen Phong got to America his family did not have much, they lived in government subsidized housing and needed assistance.They worked very hard and finally things were looking up for him. His Aunt got out of subsidized housing and into a better neighborhood. He graduated from school, fell in love and got married. He and his wife decided to rent a room at our mutual best friends’ dad’s house. They also have been working diligently, trying to get his wife’s paperwork with immigration sorted so she can get her green card and continue working toward citizenship. About six months ago he had a baby boy, this pushed him work even harder to make more cash to pursue the dream of owning a home. They were doing fairly well and had accumulated some funds as well as some creature comforts such as TV, laptop, and everything that their baby boy would need.

On Dec 7th 2013 just after midnight a tragic event occurred; A fire broke out on the first floor of the home. They managed to escape with their lives and little else. Nguyen Phong had to go out of a second story window, holding his six month old child. He saved his son first. Luckily, someone was outside to catch his son. Unfortunately, Nguyen Phong was not so lucky. He broke his leg when he jumped down. He caught his wife when she jumped anyway, and she was not hurt. Sadly, his family lost everything (other than the keys, phone, and wallet he had in his pocket) including close to $1000 cash which they had squirreled away. His young family and their house mates had to stand outside in the cold and watch the house burn while fire crews tried to extinguish it. EVERYTHING was consumed in the fire, including his roommate’s 3 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 snakes.

Editor’s note: I spoke with Nguyen Phong Trinh by phone and he told me that to top everything off, last Friday his wife’s car was totaled in an accident as she was coming home from work. They do have car insurance but it will be a while before their claim can be handled. Again this fundraiser is an online direct plea for funds by this family and is not through any charitable organization.

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Two Honored by Patients of Everett Clinic

November 16, 2013


Jane Lester

Dr. Jane Lester

Perry Soriano

Dr. Perry Soriano

Dr. Jane Lester and Dr. Perry Soriano were selected by patients for The Everett Clinic’s annual Patient’s Choice Awards. Everett Clinic patients were asked to nominate a provider who made a significant difference in their life.

Dr. Lester is a pediatrician with 23 years of experience who sees patients in Everett. She did her residency at Seattle Children’s Hospital and earned her medical degree at the University of Washington School of Medicine. As an alumnus, she volunteers answering medical students’ questions about being a physician. In the award nominations, her patients described her as caring, knowledgeable and “an amazing doctor, the best of the best”.

Dr. Soriano is an Everett surgical oncologist with specialty training in cancer surgery. He completed fellowships at the City of Hope in Duarte, California and the Surgery Branch of the National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. He trained in general surgery at Caritas St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Boston and earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine. Patients described him as compassionate, professional, as well as a gifted surgeon, educator and patient advocate.

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Everett Loses a Powerful Voice as Theresa Goffredo Passes

August 18, 2013


Theresa Goffredo Arts Seen blog photo

Theresa Goffredo photo from The Arts Seen blog at The Herald

I only met her in person a few times at news events or press conferences but I read her every chance I got. From food reviews to a fantastic story about George Perez, a guy I thought I knew from countless Silvertips games and trips to Safeway, but didn’t really know until I read her story on him. Today’s Sunday Herald has the story on Theresa and her passing. Reporter, editor and features writer. But so much more to this community in 13 years at The Herald. Take a moment on this Sunday morning to read about someone you thought you knew.

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